Center for the Management of Information Technology (CMIT)

CMIT Events 1992-2004

November 05, 2004

November 5, 2004 Leading in a Connected World  (view an archived McIntire Exchange article about event)
April 27, 2004 Aligning IT and Business Strategy Through Effective IT Governance (view an archived McIntire Exchange article about the event)
April 23, 2004 Spring Symposium (view an archived McIntire Exchange article about the event)
March 5, 2004 Enterprise Systems Integration
November 14, 2003 Managing the Real-Time Enterprise
July 16, 2003 IT Legal Issues
April 25, 2003 Spring Symposium (view an archived McIntire Exchange article about the event)
March 14, 2003 IT and Business Value (view an archived McIntire Exchange article about the event)
January 15, 2003 Making Alternative Sourcing Models Work
November 15, 2002 Business Intelligence (view an archived McIntire Exchange article about the event)
July 31, 2002 IT Project Management Briefing
April 19, 2002 Knowledge Management 
February 1, 2002 Customer Relationship Management
January 16, 2002 IT Security Briefing
Fall 2001 Web Application Architecture
July 20, 2001 IT Security
April 27, 2001 2001 Spring Symposium – “Creating and Sustaining Visionary Organizations”

Panelist Bios, CEO & CIO Panel Descriptions

February 2, 2001 People Strategies – The IT Organization of the Future

The IT Organization of the Future and Presentation Slides – Linda Pittenger

Fall 2000 Mobile Computing
July 21, 2000 B2B – Emerging Initiatives and Best Practices

Business To Business (B2B) Commerce Overview

April 28, 2000 Customer Relationship Management
Winter 2000 Peopleware:  Culture & the IT Organization
Fall 1999 Time and Technology: Competing for Customers in the Future
Summer 1999 The Financial Justification of IT
Spring 1999 Best Practices in Data Warehousing and Data Mining
Winter 1999 Peopleware – Strategies for Compensation and Development
Fall 1998 The ERP Revolution:  Reshaping Supply Chains
Summer 1998 Future Visions
Spring 1998 Learning and Knowledge Management in the Information Age
Winter 1998 Peopleware – The Recruitment and Retentio of IS Personnel
Fall 1997 IT Outsourcing: Managing Customer-Supplier Relationships
Summer 1997 Survivability Architectures
Spring 1997 The Value of Information Systems
Winter 1997 Best Practices in Electronic Commerce
Fall 1996 Productivity of Information Resources
Summer 1996 Managing Emerging Technologies
May 1996 Monticello Memoirs
Spring 1996 Intranets
Winter 1996 Data Warehousing
Fall 1995 The Transition to Object-Oriented Technology
Summer 1995 Electronic Commerce
Spring 1995 IT Management Assets: Creating Present and Future Value
Winter 1995 Retooling the Information Technology Workforce
Fall 1994 The Productivity Paradox
Summer 1994 The Virtual Office
Spring 1994 Rightsourcing Information Systems
Winter 1994 Benchmarking Information Technology
November 1993 Business Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Fall 1993 Reinventing IS
Spring 1993 The Strategic Alignment of IS and the Enterprise
Winter 1993 IT and the Management of Change — Workshop
Fall 1992 Information Technology and Change Management — Symposium