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Class of ’23 Commerce Alumnae Quoted in Poets&Quants

Lexi Magenheim (McIntire ’23) and Margot Seidel (McIntire ’23) share important lessons they learned as Commerce students about collaboration, teamwork, and innovative problem-solving.

Lexi Magenheim and Margot Seidel

Lexi Magenheim and Margot Seidel

What are some of the most important takeaways from getting a top-notch business education?

Standout Commerce School graduates Lexi Magenheim (McIntire ’23) and Margot Seidel (McIntire ’23) were recently quoted in an article by business education website Poets&Quants for Undergrads that aimed to answer that question.

In “12 Biggest Lessons Learned By Business Majors,” a piece that surveyed alumni of various leading universities, Magenheim discussed collaboration and interaction when attempting to problem-solve, while Seidel explained that soft skills remain essential—even more than technical abilities.

Magenheim advises students to interface with others and to approach issues from many angles to find unexpected solutions: “Good ideas truly become great when you collaborate and involve real people’s feedback. And sometimes the best ideas arise when you aren’t intending to think about it.”

“At the end of the day, it truly is the teamwork, communication, leadership, empathy, and interpersonal relationships that make the difference between good and great outcomes,” says Seidel. “It doesn’t matter how impressive your analysis is.”

Both Magenheim and Seidel were previously featured by Poets&Quants in their “Best & Brightest Class of 2023” series.

Read the full article at Poets&Quants.

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