2010 Knowledge Continuum ∞ Management of IT

October 28, 2010

This 2-day executive residency program was designed to provide IT leaders and the alumni of the UVA M.S. in the Management of IT (MS MIT) program with a cutting-edge learning experience.  Participants were introduced to the latest approaches to leadership, innovation, architecture, emerging technologies, project management, business intelligence, and social media.  Learning was accomplished through case studies, research reports, exercises, interactive classroom discussions, and networking with other participants.

2010 Knowledge Continuum – Agenda & Faculty Bios

Faculty Bios

Rob Cross is a professor of management at the University of Virginia and Research Director of The Network Roundtable, a consortium of 75 organizations sponsoring research on network applications to critical management issues. His research focuses on how relationships and informal networks in organizations can be analyzed and improved to promote competitive advantage, innovation, customer retention and profitability, leadership effectiveness, talent management and quality of work life.

Peter Gray is an Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Strategic Management module of the MS MIT program.  Peter has taught for eight years in Master’s-level programs, following a career as an IT entrepreneur and management consultant.  His research focuses on the individual and organizational impacts of social technologies that enable virtual interaction and collaboration.

Stefano Grazioli, Assistant Professor, Director of MS MIT program, Charlottesville, and Coordinator of the IT Architecture module of the MS MIT program, has taught graduate and executive education courses both in Europe and in the U.S. since the early 1990s.  His research interests focus on IT architectures, knowledge management, and information security.

Mike Morris, Associate Professor and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs, has taught graduate-level courses for fourteen years both in the U.S. and internationally.  Before coming to the University of Virginia, he was an Air Force Officer for fifteen years.  He is a Senior Editor at MIS Quarterly and his research interests focus on technology acceptance, IT-based job change, and usability engineering.

Ryan Nelson, Professor, Director of the Center for the Management of Information Technology, and Coordinator of the Project Management module of the MS MIT program, has taught in the McIntire School’s graduate and executive education programs since 1990. His research focuses on improving the management of IT projects and leverages a growing database of over 130 IT project retrospectives.

Barb Wixom is an Associate Professor and Director of the MS MIT program, Northern Virginia. She is an Associate Editor of The Journal of Business Intelligence, a research fellow of The Data Warehousing Institute, and an Associate Director for the Teradata University Network. Barb is a University of Virginia Teaching Award winner, and she specializes in data warehousing and business intelligence research.