McIntire Cornerstone Society Board established

McIntire welcomed the members of the new McIntire Cornerstone Society Board at its first official meeting in November 2000. Promoting McIntire’s planned giving efforts, the board assists in educational programs, identifies prospects, and advises the McIntire staff regarding marketing and gift stewardship.

Inaugural Cornerstone Society Board Members:

A. Scott Andrews, A&S ’80

Michael Aronoff

Gordon J. Bernhardt ’85

Robert S. Bersch ’57, Law ’60

William F. Blue ’56, Law ’60

Milton S. Bolton ’52

O.Whitfield Broome Jr.

Elissa Buie ’82

Clarence T. Callahan ’41

Stuart F. Carwile ’64, Law ’67

Judy Campbell Cash

Charles P. Cocke ’65

Richard L. Cooper ’58

Maj. Calvin C. Crum ’41

Deborah Briggs Donnelly, A&S ’78

Cmdr. William K. Dove ’42, A&S ’52

Robert C. Duval ’57

Kenneth B. Fulp ’78

Bruce G. Gabler ’68

Roy B. Harrill ’63,

John B. Hemmings ’49, Law ’54

H. Alexander Holmes ’64, Law ’67

Ray C. Hunt Jr., A&S ’58

David M. Maloney

Ronald D. Roberts ’63

Patrick J. Vaughan ’65, Law ’68

Keith A. Walder ’79

Diana Walker

Earl E. Webb ’78

Georgia M. Willis ’83

Richard W. Young ’64, Law ’67

Carl P. Zeithaml

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