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Why Choose the M.S. in Accounting at UVA?

Meena Chickery is an M.S. in Accounting student pursuing the Financial Reporting and Assurance track at McIntire. In this post, Meena asks her classmates why they chose the M.S. in Accounting at the University of Virginia and how they are enjoying the program so far.

UVA McIntire M.S. in Accounting Students Chatting on the Lawn

Diverse Program
The Master of Science in Accounting Program at UVA McIntire has a lot to offer that my classmates and I found appealing in a graduate program. The program comprises a diverse set of students, which UVA allocates for by providing various courses and even a track option of either Tax or Financial Reporting & Assurance. For example, Safiya chose the M.S. in Accounting at UVA because she liked that there’s a “balance of business courses and data analytics-related courses.” Sam agreed by saying there are “diverse courses to select, such as data science and soft skill training.” Mackenzie also mentioned that she chose UVA because of the “well-rounded curriculum with having both technical accounting classes and classes that prepare us to enter the workforce.” The diverse program has exposed me to different sides of the business world that I do not think I would’ve otherwise seen.

Focus on Soft Skills
All M.S. in Accounting students enroll in a leadership and communication class, which helps us prepare for real-world business environments. Micki chose the M.S. in Accounting at UVA because it is a “hands-on type of program that would help build soft skills.” We learn practical public speaking skills, business writing style, and networking skills. Mackenzie mentioned that she chose the M.S. in Accounting because she thought it would be a great opportunity to “expand [her] network and potentially meet new people.” Olivia also said that M.S. in Accounting students can “add [to her] network and foster both a cultural and interpersonal understanding.” The focus on soft skills has been beneficial because I came in as a more shy and reserved person. However, the courses have pushed me to become more confident and better at building relationships overall.

Professional Development
The M.S. in Accounting Program at McIntire strives to help students further their careers successfully. The professors are easy to talk to, very understanding, and generally just care. McIntire upholds its reputation through these qualities. Sam included that a part of why he chose the M.S. in Accounting at UVA is that it has a “high national ranking and major ranking.” David chose to pursue the program because he felt it would “give [him] the best odds at landing a Big Four role,” and it would allow him to “get the required classes to get [his] CPA license.” McIntire has more to offer than just classes, though. Safiya also included that she chose the M.S. in Accounting because of “McIntire’s prominent alumni network” that could benefit her in the future. Additionally, my positive experience with McIntire’s Career Services assisted me with my professional development, which was beneficial in the job application process.

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