Tracy Agyemang (McIntire ’23)

Why Promotions

I love having a creative outlet. Working with a team that feels like family is definitely something I was looking forward to. I appreciate the art, psychology, and logistical aspects of marketing. “Promo” is the best place for it all.

Relevant work experience

During summer 2022, I worked as Product Marketing Manager at Google. I love brand and growth marketing. I especially love working on marketing campaigns!

Relevant skill set

Time management, design (3D renditions of homes), leadership

Extracurricular activities

McIntire Peer Career Coach

Career aspiration

A career that makes me good money and fulfills me. One that helps me give back to my community and allows me to create generational wealth.

Course recommendations

Why We Hold Hands

If I could live as someone else for the day, it would be _____________

Beyoncé or Rihanna!!

  • Undergraduate Degree Commerce (Marketing, IT); Architecture (Design) (minor)

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