Adriana Gao (McIntire '24)

B.S. in Commerce 2024

Why Promotions?

“Promo” checks all my boxes, fusing practically all of my experiences and interests. I love design, strategy, and consumer behavior, and I’m so excited to apply these interests to a new category and client. I also love that “Promo” is more than a class—it’s a team!

Relevant work experience?

This summer, I was a Summer Associate at Boston Consulting Group in Washington, DC! I worked on a technology-centered case in the retail industry. Previously, I built digital products as a Content Design Intern at WillowTree in Charlottesville, and developed content strategy for three portfolio companies as a Marketing Venture Fellow at Share Ventures.

Relevant skill set?

Copywriting, project management, consumer research, UX design, data analytics and visualization, slide-making and presentation

Extracurricular activities?

-Student Council

-McIntire Career Peer Coach

-Marketing Research Assistant

-First-Year Players

Career aspiration?

I’ll be going into management consulting after college, but I hope to ultimately pursue a role that combines strategy, behavior, and design! I’d love to explore roles in the creative/advertising industry and pursue more work in product design.

Course recommendations?

-PHIL 2500: Minds, Machines, and Persons (Zachary Irving)

-EDHS 4300: Psycholinguistics & Communication (Filip Loncke)

-DRAM 1020: Speaking in Public (Jenny Wales)

If I could live as someone else for the day, it would be ________.

Greta Gerwig

Fun fact:

I love Legos! My favorite build has been a 1,100-piece Vespa.

  • Undergraduate Degree Commerce (Marketing, IT, Business Analytics Track, Strategic Brand Consulting & Communications Track), Cognitive Science (Computer Science)
  • Hometown Fairfax, VA

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