Olivia Pettee (A&S '24)


Why Promotions?

What drew me to Promotions was the opportunity to go outside of my comfort zone creatively and analytically. I also wanted to understand more about why the best advertising doesn’t feel like ads, and my favorite brands feel bigger than brands.

Relevant work experience?

This past year, I worked as a Product Manager for a startup called the Marriage Pact, where I matched college students with their algorithmic soulmate. This summer, I started my own newsletter on Substack, synthesizing the latest digital trends and cultural moments.

Relevant skill set?

Creative direction, copy writing, graphic design, project management

Extracurricular activities?

-Probationary Chair, University Guide Service


Career aspiration?

I want to bring big creative ideas to life and tell stories that matter in the advertising and marketing world.

Course recommendations?

-Digital Media and Race (Pallavi Rao)

-Commercial Law (Sherri Moore)

-Any class in the American Studies department

If I could live as someone else for the day, it would be ________.

My Nana when was she was a little girl. I want to know what life was like in Brooklyn in the 1920s.

Fun fact:

I’m a fraternal twin.

  • Undergraduate Degree American Studies, Media Studies, Minor: Innovation in Business
  • Hometown Fort Lauderdale, FL
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