Matthew Haydu (McIntire ’23)

Why Promotions

No other program at UVA aligns as closely with my personal and career interests as Promotions does. The program offers me a great opportunity to develop relevant skills and experiences in a dynamic and engaging way while fostering an outstanding community of like-minded people.

Relevant work experience

I work for a San Francisco cybersecurity tech startup as a Field and Channel Marketing Intern, formulating, implementing, and managing digital and in-person business-to-business events; managing sales leads; and evaluating data to drive strategic decision-making. Previously, I’ve worked as a Brand Strategist and Bartender for a local shake bar, where I managed social media presence and spearheaded marketing events to increase brand awareness.

Relevant skill set

Strategy; team leadership; storytelling with data, marketing research, and analytics; Asana; UX design thinking; creative and artistic abilities; presentation and communication skills; data analysis

Extracurricular activities

Advertising and Marketing Association Vice President, Transfer Mentor, Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Health and Wellness Commerce Council Seat, volleyball, singing, violin, guitar, sketching, watercolors

Career aspirations

I would love to explore management consulting, tech marketing/sales, or brand management.

Course recommendations

Commercial Law I

If I could live as someone else for the day, it would be _____________

I would want to live as one of the dragon-donkey babies from “Shrek.”

  • Undergraduate Degree Commerce (Marketing, Management, IT)

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