James Henderson (A&S ’23)

Why Promotions

I’ve become interested in how individuals’ perceptions of themselves impact how they interact with the world, in everything from how they vote to what they watch. I was introduced to “Promo” by one of my friends who participated in it, and figured it could be a great way to cap off my UVA experience in a lot more collaborative way than my major usually is.

Relevant work experience

During the summer, I worked as a Marketing Analyst Intern for Premium Service Brands, a franchisor of multiple brands in the home services industry. I’ve also worked for a natural resources research and consulting firm as an Interviewer.

Relevant skill set

Writing, research, surveying, visualization software; picked up a small sample of a bunch of different creative platforms at different points in my life

Extracurricular activities

I’ve worn many hats at the Washington Literary Society and Debating Union and my fraternity; Madison House Program Director

Career aspiration

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure. Working with marketing strategy seems interesting to me at the moment.

Course recommendations

Anyone who hasn’t, take a Religion seminar!

If I could live as someone else for the day, it would be _____________

A pirate

  • Undergraduate Degree Religious Studies

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