Charlotte Carr (McIntire ’23)

Why Promotions

I have always been interested in pursuing design as a career. “Promo” is a great way to be creative while still learning real-world client skills.

Relevant work experience

This summer, I interned for a branding agency in New York, working on my design skills. During the school year, I co-manage a student-run ad agency called rADical, where we work with a lot of local businesses to design branding elements such as logos and websites!

Relevant skill set

Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Webflow, graphic design, branding

Extracurricular activities

Kappa Alpha Theta, Madison House, Advertising and Marketing Association

Career aspiration

Someday, I hope to work for an international ad agency in Copenhagen as a creative director.

Course recommendations

Commercial Law, with Sherri Moore

If I could live as someone else for the day, it would be _____________

Suki Waterhouse so I can be a famous singer and date Robert Pattinson. <3

  • Undergraduate Degree Commerce (Marketing); Design

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