Bergen Romness (A&S ’23)

Why Promotions

During my first year, someone I look up to told me about Promotions and all it had to offer. Ever since then, I have wanted to be a part of this fun, hardworking group that focuses on marketing and problem solving. I hope to learn new skills and gain a better understanding of the advertising industry.

Relevant work experience

I’m responsible for managing the University Judiciary Committee’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. I applied the skills I learned from being an educator in my past two summer internships at PhRMA and Major League Baseball, where I continued to grow an understanding of the role of marketing and communications.

Relevant skill set

Advertising, marketing, leadership, market research, writing, social media

Extracurricular activities

University Judiciary Committee, Camp Kesem, TriDelta

Career aspiration

I would love to work in sports post-graduation, specifically involving communications/sponsorship. Eventually, I intend to go to law school and practice sports and entertainment law!

Course recommendations

Sports Journalism

Media Law

If I could live as someone else for the day, it would be _____________

Kate Middleton

  • Undergraduate Degree Media Studies; Social Entrepreneurship

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