Hannah Tuten (McIntire '21)

What is the most valuable thing you learned in this class?

“Too many cooks in the kitchen” really doesn’t hold true (except maybe in a video shoot). Nothing is created in a bubble, whether that’s in school or in the real world, and I know everything from our tagline to our video was possible only after intense collaboration. Every question, every Google poll, and each bit of criticism made our final product that much better.

Why should a UVA student take the “Promotions” class?

Quite frankly, there is not a single other opportunity at UVA that will prepare you as well for real work. Whether you think you want to enter the marketing/advertising industry or not, Promotions challenges you to be creative and analytical, to understand not only who the target audience is, but why they are that way, and how to connect with them. You can walk away with equal parts hard skills (Photoshop, Brandwatch, MRI Simmons) and soft skills (public speaking, leadership, team mindset) and so many new connections.

What is your favorite “Promotions” memory?

As crazy as it sounds, pulling an all-nighter to finish our fall plans book tops the charts for me. During a semester when so much of our time was spent virtually, spending 12-plus hours in the Comm School and then the E School really cemented my dedication to the class and bonded our group.

  • Undergraduate Degree Commerce
  • Current Job REQ, Assistant Account Executive (Washington, DC)