Professor Roman Lukyanenko Wins Journal of Information Technology’s Best Paper Prize

Advocating for "a broader constructive discourse on shaping the future of AI-based literature reviews," Lukyanenko and his co-authors describe how artificial intelligence can facilitate the process.

Recognizing how AI can speed up the literature review process for traditional research, McIntire Professor Roman Lukyanenko and his co-authors have earned the 2022 Journal of Information Technology Best Paper Prize.

Produced with Lukyanenko’s former colleagues at HEC Montréal, Gerit Wagner (now at the University of Bamberg, in Germany) and Guy Paré, their paper, “Artificial Intelligence and the Conduct of Literature Reviews,” outlines recent trends in using AI for literature reviews and discusses the ways AI can expedite the often repetitive and time-consuming steps. The authors also propose a comprehensive research agenda for AI-based literature reviews in their field to “encourage design science research and a broader constructive discourse on shaping the future of AILRs (AI-based literature reviews) in research.”

Referencing another work concluding that there are more than 10,000 relevant papers for many research topics—a number that grows every day—the authors say that AI-based tools could prove indispensable for helping scientists remain cognizant of relevant research.

The paper attracted much attention of the scholarly community, remaining the most-read Journal of Information Technology paper for over a year.

Having joined the Commerce School in the fall of 2022, Lukyanenko teaches Global Strategy and Systems and Business Analytics for Decision Making. Prior to McIntire, he taught courses on business intelligence, business analytics, ERP systems, distributed architectures, IT adoption and use, and introduction to information systems in the United States and Canada.

The Best Paper Prize from the Journal of Information Technology is Lukyanenko’s latest research contribution to be recognized. Other notable awards include Best Paper Award at MIS Quarterly and Best Information Systems Paper of the Year by the AIS College of Senior Scholars, Gold Medal by The Governor General of Canada, Herbert A. Simon Design Science Award, INFORMS Design Science Research Award (excellence in design and realization of innovative IT artifacts), and AIS Dissertation Award (best doctoral dissertation of the year in the field of information systems).

To learn more about the concept behind Lukyanenko and his co-authors’ paper, watch a brief animated video explaining the use of AI to conduct literature reviews.

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