In Program’s First Year, UVA Master of Science in Business Analytics Graduates Achieve Notable Career Outcomes

Students in the first cohort of the Darden-McIntire M.S. in Business Analytics Program are becoming critical translators and problem-solvers within organizations

Students in the first cohort of the M.S. in Business Analytics Program are becoming critical translators and problem-solvers within organizations.

According to new career data, the first cohort of graduates in the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and McIntire School of Commerce M.S. in Business Analytics (MSBA) has achieved employment success.

UVA McIntire’s Commerce Career Services defines three major groups of students within the MSBA. In partnership with Darden’s Career Development Center, both career centers deliver tailored career coaching accordingly to “switchers” (those who want to change careers), to “climbers” (those who want to move up in their current organizations), and to “enhancers” (those who seek professional development within their career). Approximately 53% of students in the MSBA Class of 2019 identified as switchers, 39% as climbers, and 8% as enhancers.

Over Two-Thirds of New Graduates Receive New Job With 19% Salary Increase
Just over two-thirds of the class (72%) reported a role or job change over the course of the one-year program. On average, those students received a 19% increase in base salary from the start to the end of the program, graduating with a $123,604 starting salary.

Graduates Seeking to Change Careers Report Nearly 30% Salary Increase, Entered Variety of New Industries and Functions
Switchers reported an average starting salary at graduation of $125,917, which represents a 30% average salary increase from the beginning to the end of the program.

These graduates began new careers in a wide variety of industries, including consulting, financial services, education, not-for-profit, and technology. Types of new job roles ranged from accounting and finance, to marketing and sales, to information technology and human resources.

Companies that hired students from the MSBA Class of 2019 include Capital One, Deloitte, Grant Thornton, McKinsey, and Tableau, among others.

Graduates Seeking to Move Up in Their Current Organizations Report 6% Gain in Salary
Climbers also received a salary increase during the program. These students reported a 6% increase in base salary from the start to the end of the MSBA Program and garnered an average base salary of $121,081.

“We are extremely pleased with the hard work and excellent outcomes of the inaugural M.S. in Business Analytics graduating class,” said, Tom Fitch, UVA McIntire Associate Dean for Career & Corporate Engagement. “Their dedication and commitment to not only the industry but their own career success were palpable. We remain confident that our recent graduates will be successful and certainly add value to business analytics.”

The application for UVA’s M.S. in Business Analytics Class of 2021 is now live. Learn more about the program and apply.

By Mary Shea Watson

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