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McIntire Hosts Virginia Board of Accountancy Board Meeting

The event provided a tremendous opportunity for McIntire students, faculty, and staff to observe the Board of Accountancy in action and for students to learn about current developments in the accounting profession.

UVA’s McIntire School of Commerce and its Accounting Area recently hosted the Virginia Board of Accountancy (VBOA) for the 114-year-old organization’s board meeting.

As expressed on the VBOA website, the board was established to regulate Virginia certified public accountants (CPAs) through its program of examination; granting licensure for individuals and firms; protecting consumers and offering enforcement for that protection; and providing continuing professional education audits and peer review oversight.

Board meeting attendees were welcomed with opening remarks by Commerce School’s Dean Nicole Thorne Jenkins—a CPA herself—before the early December gathering addressed a variety of pressing issues impacting the accounting profession and the regulation of CPAs across the commonwealth.

The day’s event began with an overview of updates to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) by its representatives, the CPA examination, the introduction of new staff members, and a Q&A for UVA faculty and students. The day continued with sessions about building careers in accounting and a further deep dive into the CPA exam changes. A recounting of student resources offered by the Virginia Society of CPAs (VSCPA) was presented by representatives from the VSCPA, which included President and CEO Stephanie Peters (A&S ’90). Additionally, discussions were held about the VBOA’s regulatory responsibilities and enforcement abilities, as well as a review of the year’s goals ranging from fee structures to the pipeline for future CPAs.

McIntire Professor Eric Negangard says his area was thrilled to help present the important quarterly meeting.

“The event provided a tremendous opportunity for McIntire students, faculty, and staff to observe the Board of Accountancy in action,” says Negangard, pointing out that personal interactions that took place in between the sessions proved to offer an additional value to all participants. “Students were able to meet with the board members over breakfast, attend presentations detailing current developments in the accounting profession and pending changes to the CPA licensure exam, and observe the board conduct various regulatory and enforcement duties.”

Negangard noted that the lunch at the conclusion of the meeting was also a particularly worthwhile experience.

“The lunch allowed McIntire students and faculty to network with board members and share with them what they love about UVA, McIntire, and the Charlottesville community,” he says.

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