McIntire Celebrates Professor George Overstreet on His 80th Birthday

The beloved professor is known for his substantial body of research, "a passionate commitment" to students and faculty, and "an enthusiasm for everything he does that is absolutely infectious."

George Overstreet

George Overstreet

The McIntire School of Commerce has had the pleasure of commemorating a host of milestones over its 103-year history. And on April 10, it recognizes another: the 80th birthday of its beloved Real Estate Professor, George A. Overstreet Jr.

“George has played a pivotal role in helping McIntire to national prominence. He is an example of all the best qualities of an academic: intellectually curious, a lifelong learner, an institution builder, and a tireless supporter of both his students and his colleagues. He is one of a kind and beloved by all.” – Professor David Chapman

“George is loved by his students, admired by his colleagues, and a shining example for those of us trying to follow in his impressive footsteps.” – Professor W Ben McCartney

“George is the epitome of a gentleman and scholar. A true renaissance man, he is equally at home in the halls of academe, the boardrooms of real estate magnates, or the pastures of Virginia horse farms. George has researched and published on a wide variety of topics contributing to the betterment of society, from healthcare to convenience stores, to wineries, to credit scoring, to commercial real estate, and more. He is a masterful teacher and has been a valued mentor to generations of McIntire’s finest students. Would that we could clone the son of a gun, but as others have noted, “George is George,” and I’m afraid they broke the mold when George was born. Many, many happy returns to Professor Overstreet and his beloved wife, Susan, on this happy occasion!” – Professor Mark White

“All I can say is that ‘George is a gem.’” – Professor Dot Kelly

“George makes you feel like he’ll REALLY be happy if you succeeded. Few feelings are more empowering.” – Professor Robert Parham

“George represents the very best of McIntire: first-rate scholarship, a passionate commitment to students, and an enthusiasm for everything he does that is absolutely infectious. I think everyone at McIntire feels truly grateful to have George as a colleague.” – Professor Peter Maillet

“No one in my life has more embodied the phrase ‘age is just a number.’ George’s intellectual curiosity is both infectious and inspiring, and our building is just a bit happier place when he is in it.” – Professor Felicia Marston

“George is an institution unto himself—he is the exemplar of what makes McIntire, McIntire: a deep respect for students, staff, and faculty alike. George has been a mentor since the day I joined UVA, reminding me in equal measure that “you gotta bear down and work hard!” but also asking, “How can we not have fun doing what we do?!” On your 80th birthday, thank you, George, for everything you’ve done for me and for UVA, and we’re looking forward to celebrating many more together!” – Professor Sanket Korgaonkar

A member of the McIntire faculty for more than 40 years, Overstreet serves as the Walker Eminent Professor of Commerce and has taught generations of students through his groundbreaking courses in corporate financial management, finance, and perhaps most influentially, real estate investment.

Overstreet, whose popularity is matched only by his legendary dedication to students, long directed the School’s undergraduate Real Estate Track, and is credited with helping hundreds of students launch their careers in the fields of finance and real estate. In 2009, he was inducted into the Raven Society and elected to the society’s Governing Council the same year. Both the Z and Seven Societies have also recognized Overstreet for his exceptional teaching.

He is recognized widely for having produced a substantial body of research that includes numerous cases, monographs, and refereed articles. His extensive expertise in valuation measurement and management is a resource for private firms and in the use of operational research techniques in financial management. Overstreet’s work has appeared in more than a dozen leading academic journals, including Journal of the Operational Research Society; European Journal of Operational Research; Annals of Operations Research; Energy Economics; Journal of Risk and Insurance; Journal of Insurance Regulation; and IMA Journal of Mathematics Applied in Business and Industry. His research in credit scoring has received international recognition, and his research relating to Virginia’s film and wine production potential was acknowledged with letters of commendation from Virginia governors.

In the spring of 2018, he was one of six UVA faculty members selected to receive a 2018 faculty award from the Jefferson Scholars Foundation, earning an Award for Excellence in Teaching, given to professors whose teaching embodies the Jeffersonian ideal of putting others ahead of self. In supporting his nomination for this award, one student noted that Overstreet’s “legacy will be to have instilled in his students honesty, empathy, and a passion for positively impacting communities.”

Later that same semester, the UVA Board of Visitors approved the establishment of the George A. Overstreet Jr. Distinguished Professorship.

Upon the establishment of the professorship, then-McIntire Dean Carl Zeithaml stated, “I think it is absolutely fitting that this professorship be named for George. He is a tremendous example of one person really affecting so many students and alumni and having a great, positive impact on the School and the University. No one is more deserving of such an honor.”

Overstreet continues to be an impactful force at the University. In 2021, when McIntire began offering the pan-University Minor in Real Estate, Overstreet served as one of its administrators, a fitting role, as the Commerce School’s real estate curriculum was created mostly from his work over the preceding decades.

When the White Ruffin Byron Center for Real Estate was launched in 2021, its first Director Drew Sanderford credited him with contributing important foundational additions to the field of study at UVA and at McIntire: “The new Center embodies the next step in a developing tradition of intellectual engagement with commercial real estate investment and the built environment at the University that dates back to Professor George Overstreet’s course in 1984.”

Please join us wishing George Overstreet the very best on his special day.

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