McIntire Professor Jeffrey Boichuk and His “Customer Analytics” Course Featured in Course Hero Website “Best Lesson” Series

What better way to learn how to use consumer sales data than by working with a fledgling startup?

Jeffrey Boichuk

Jeffrey Boichuk

Using data analytics to inform business decisions has become an expected tactic across industries, but how many students can expect to work with actual consumer sales data and contribute to the success of a growing startup?

Education website Course Hero recently spotlighted this innovative learning experience as part of its “Best Lesson” series in an article featuring Marketing Professor Jeffrey Boichuk and his use of evidenced-based management in marketing to study consumers in his course, “Customer Analytics.” Offering a real-life case study of comparison shopping app Brandefy, facilitated by a partnership with McIntire alum and app Founder Meg Greenhalgh Pryde (McIntire ’12, Darden ’18), the course gives students the opportunity to analyze grocery store sales data and recommend potential products Pryde may wish to consider including in the app going forward.

Recounting how Boichuk’s “Customer Analytics” students move from “unwitting consumers” to “savvy business consultants” over the course of a few weeks, the article details how their gut reactions give way to conceptual thinking and data analysis, followed by group presentations and reflective rounds of constructive criticism.

Learn how Boichuk’s lesson and his students’ efforts provided real-world results for Brandefy at Course Hero.

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