Professor Dorothy Leidner Talks Teaching with AI in CNN Article

In the recent CNN feature, Leidner sheds light on the ethical dilemmas educators face when integrating AI into essay grading.

Dorothy Leidner

Students aren’t the only ones using ChatGPT and other AI tools to streamline their workflow—teachers have gotten into the game as well.

In a recent CNN article, McIntire Professor Dorothy Leidner lent her expertise to illuminate some of the ethical concerns educators face when using AI to grade essays.

Leidner, who joined the Commerce School faculty in 2023 as the Leslie H. Goldberg Jefferson Scholars Foundation Distinguished Professor in Business Ethics, explains that there are many considerations for using the technology in grading situations—especially when the work being evaluated discusses topics with less absolute answers. She notes that some factors, such as grammar, structure, and language use, can be offloaded to AI for the benefit of speeding up the grading process; characteristics such as creativity and the quality of ideas should be left to a human being.

Adding that students have a right to know when their work is being graded by AI, Leidner states that universities should consider consistently reassessing the technology’s use as both the tech itself and its potential uses develop.

Read the full article at CNN.

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