The Order of the Claw & Dagger Honors Professor Katie McDermott with Recognition Award

The Order congratulated McDermott on the impact she has had on the McIntire School and thanked her for her hard work in making McIntire a thriving community.

Katie McDermott

In addition to the many honors earned by students at the McIntire School Ceremony of Final Exercises on May 21, 2023, an additional surprise accolade was announced during the celebratory event: The Order of the Claw & Dagger acknowledged Assistant Professor Katie E. McDermott with their annual Recognition Award for her excellence in support of her students and dedication to McIntire.

McDermott has been teaching at the Commerce School since 2017, following time at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, pursuing her doctorate at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and serving as a Senior Auditor for PwC in Chicago.

The prestigious honor was bestowed on McDermott by one of UVA’s many secret societies, The Order of the Claw & Dagger, which is focused on greatness within McIntire. The organization aims to unite individuals who “best exemplify [the Commerce School’s] founding tenants of Honor, Excellence and Humility. Members of The Order serve as Stewards of the McIntire School of Commerce, defending its interests, contributing resources, and furthering its standing. Members are tapped as students and continue as alumni.”

This, the 17th annual edition of the award, represented one of many high points during Final Exercises. John A. Griffin Dean Nicole Thorne Jenkins presented McDermott with a ceremonial plaque and relayed its accompanying message to her and all in attendance, reproduced in full below:

“The Order of Claw & Dagger is dedicated to the betterment of the McIntire School of Commerce, its students, and its alumni in all of their endeavors. For its 17th Annual Faculty Recognition Award, The Order would like to recognize Professor Katie E. McDermott. The McIntire Community values Professor McDermott’s strong commitment to going above and beyond for its students. Your endless enthusiasm in the classroom and your unwavering support for your students make your contributions to McIntire truly exceptional. Students will be the first to praise your hands-on and thorough style of teaching that engages students, creates room for growth, and truly allows them to excel. Most notably, you are an inspiration for your students. The stories from your work experiences have not only offered insight into a successful career in accounting but have also encouraged your students to aspire to achieve as much as you have. Your classroom welcomes each and every student, through valuing their diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The time and effort you have spent to get to know your students over the many Oakhurst coffees and lunches are particularly commendable. Your genuine kindness and guidance have truly inspired many students to achieve their full potential, whether in accounting or any other field.

The Order admires your drive to know your students for who they are as people, rather than just names on a class roster. Your former and current students reflect on your willingness to incorporate their feedback into your courses and admire your desire to be an exceptional teacher—one who reaches all her students. The Order wants to congratulate you on the impact you have had on McIntire and thank you for your hard work in making the McIntire School of Commerce the thriving community it is today.”

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