CIO and Assistant Dean for Operations Bryan Lewis Discusses IT Risk and Collaboration in CIO.com Article

Lewis emphasizes the importance of dialoguing about "the bigger picture" when it comes to collecting and safeguarding data across departments and decades.

Bryan Lewis

How do collaborative relationships among executive colleagues ensure that they are meeting each other’s technical and business needs?

A recent CIO article, “5 C-Suite Bridges Every IT Leader Must Build,” delved into the issue that many IT leaders face when navigating the disparate technology needs and priorities that exist across functional areas of their organizations. In the piece, the McIntire School’s CIO and Assistant Dean for Operations, Bryan Lewis, discusses purchasing technology, cybersecurity policies, data concerns, and the importance of ensuring the security of the organization while protecting thousands of UVA students and their personal information from misuse by third-party consultants and potential bad actors.

Ultimately, he relies on strong relationships and collaboration with his colleagues to keep the Commerce School and its community’s data safe.

“It’s very important for someone like me to try to dialogue about the bigger picture,” he says. “We collect data on the lifecycle of our students from when they’re in high school to when they’re a 90-year-old alum. That actually crosses five, six, seven different departments. And so it’s necessary to keep the dialogue at a higher level, to make sure we’re not just seeing the tree, but the forest of how we’re using this data.”

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