McIntire Professor Bob Webb Featured in Investor’s Business Daily


Bob Webb

Bob Webb

While McIntire Finance Professor Bob Webb has taught scores of students about the complex nature and structure of financial markets as well as the art of trading through his courses at the McIntire School, he has witnessed trading tools advance to a point where the average person can operate in these markets—profitably or not—alongside seasoned traders and investors.

In a world where “the cost of computation is close to zero,” Webb says, access to the internet and reams of rapid-fire information even the playing field. What then separates one investor or trader from another is “critical judgment, as well as experience,” he tells Investor’s Business Daily in a Jan. 30 article titled “Brokers Put Trading Tools of the Elite into Hands of the Average Investor.”

Read how Webb is teaching his students to trade smarter with today’s tools of the trade.

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