Athletech News Features Newest McIntire Integrated Core Sponsor [solidcore]

The online platform that covers news and trends shaping the fitness and wellness industry recently spotlighted the pioneering Pilates-inspired fitness brand for becoming the latest corporate sponsor of McIntire's signature undergraduate program.

Pioneering Pilates-inspired fitness brand [solidcore] was recently highlighted in Athletech News for joining UVA’s McIntire as the newest corporate sponsor of the Commerce School’s hallmark undergraduate program, the Integrated Core curriculum. Online news source Athletech News provides media coverage of the most impactful news and trends shaping the fitness and wellness sector.

Founded in 2013, Arlington, VA-based [solidcore], which is well-known for its highly effective, specialized, redefined, and intensified low-impact strength-training workout classes, will collaborate with McIntire faculty to identify the project topic that students will consider in the fall of 2024.

“The project isn’t hypothetical—it’s real—and we’re excited about how it will help students develop critical problem-solving and teamwork skills that will carry over into their future in the corporate world,” says Vice President of Strategy and Insights Gillian Almeida (McIntire ’10).

“When the opportunity came along for us to formalize and amplify the partnership, we were really excited to do so,” says President and CEO Bryan Myers (McIntire ’09). “As a University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce alumnus myself, having the opportunity to come full circle and work with the students in the Integrated Core Experience (ICE) program means a lot. We are thrilled to partner with faculty and teach the students about the business of fitness while gaining their unique insights and perspective from their education.”

The Athletech article also discusses the widespread growth of the fitness industry and the expansion of the [solidcore] brand, which has already established more than 100 of its unique studios across the U.S.

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