Meet the Promotions Class: 2021-2022


Samantha BondeSamantha Bonde (A&S ’22)

Major/minor: Media Studies, Public Policy and Leadership

Why Promotions: I love the idea that Promotions allows you to take a deeper dive into market research and problem-solving with the two-semester time frame. I feel that this is a wonderful hands-on, collaborative experience to prepare me for my desired career path in marketing.

Relevant work experience: I was a Marketing Intern for a startup medical and artificial intelligence company, building brand image, running social media accounts, and editing videos. I was a Summer Intern for the student-run news organization WUVA, where I took part in writing journalistic stories and editing videos. I was also took part in a consultant internship with Propel, where I worked with teams to formulate business strategy, analyze markets, recommend digital transformation opportunities, and develop new product ideas for our client, Qualtrics.

Relevant skill set: Consulting, team leadership, experience with Adobe creative suit, video editing, creative writing, consumer trends, branding

Career aspiration: I would love to work in marketing or advertising. I just want to be inspired and create with whatever job I end up doing.

Extracurricular activities: Camp Kesem, Student Council, marketing internship, Delta Gamma, WUVA, and a part-time job bartending

Course recommendations: Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Coffee ice cream with cone bites and rainbow sprinkles


Macy BrandonMacy Brandon (A&S ’22)

Major/minor: Media Studies (Distinguished Majors Program), American Studies, Social Entrepreneurship

Why Promotions: I am taking Promotions because it is the first time I have been able to apply analytical and creative skills in the same environment. I hope to work in a creative field, and this program is the best preparation the University offers.

Relevant work experience: For the past two years, I have interned with the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy School doing graphic design. I also do freelance graphic design.

Relevant skill set: Graphic design

Career aspiration: I am not certain of a career path yet, but at the moment, I am interested in exploring different advertising agencies and working with design departments.

Extracurricular activities: V Magazine Designer, Admissions Volunteer (DOTL, ODOS, etc.), Pancakes for Parkinson’s Volunteer

Course recommendations: Managing Innovation, Commerce

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sprinkles, waffle cone bits, and cookie dough swirl


Sarah CarrSarah Carr (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, IT), Spanish

Why Promotions: I found out about Promo first year, when that year’s team came and presented in COMM 1800. I had always been interested in advertising and creative work so I thought this class seemed both really fun and a good learning experience.

Relevant work experience: This summer I worked at CoStar as a Market Research Intern, which helped me strengthen my quantitative skills of researching and working with data. I have also done marketing for some of the CIOs that I’m involved with on Grounds.

Relevant skill set: Adobe, mainly illustrator and Photoshop, some with premiere, market research, writing and editing copy, storytelling

Career aspiration: Short term I’m looking to work in branding/advertising, and then potentially getting an MBA or going back to some other grad school program to work in a more specialized career

Extracurricular activities: Club Figure Skating, Student Docents at the Fralin, UDems

Course recommendations: Bookmaking/Works on Paper (Studio Art Department)

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Peanut butter and Oreo


Jessica ConwayJessica Conway (A&S ’22)

Major/minor: Art History; minor: Entrepreneurship

Why Promotions: I love design and problem-solving. I also love the collaborative and social aspect of the program and am excited to work with others who are just as passionate about marketing.

Relevant work experience: I have produced original marketing content, brand logos, and product packaging designs for a few different companies. I currently work as a PR and Sales Intern at Les Yeux du Monde Art Gallery. I also work for a new fitness studio in Charlottesville, where I am responsible for managing their social media and assisting with marketing.

Relevant skill set: Leadership and management, experience with Adobe Creative Suite, video editing, branding, artistic and creative eye

Career aspiration: I would love to work for an advertising agency in a big city somewhere in Europe! I also plan to spend some time working on the Kenyan coast. Long term, I would love to be able to start my own company. However, if you ask my friends, they will tell you that I have a new career aspiration almost every day.

Extracurricular activities: Zeta Tau Alpha, Madison House (PB&J Fund), Advertising and Marketing Association, Futures in Fashion Association, Painting

Course recommendations: Art History: Theory, Method, Practice

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Nutella ice cream with banana bits, caramel, and edible glitter


Jen DudzinskyJen Dudzinsky (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, Management)

Why Promotions: I love taking creative approaches to problem solving. I wanted a class that could challenge me and allow me to explore my passion for advertising in a real world setting. I’m excited to have the opportunity to build strong bonds with my classmates before graduation, while working towards a solution together!

Relevant work experience: I’ve worked on social media for my sorority and a small surf shop in the shore town that I live in. In past jobs, I’ve been able to help brainstorm marketing events for the companies I’ve worked for. In my most recent internship with a restaurant group in Philly, I got to explore many parts of the business hands on, which is where I learned how consistent branding of the business can be so important. I was able to help out with marketing events and pushes, and even partake in some social media/website shoots. I also helped manage my boss’ personal social medias, and was able to get hands on experience representing the brand to customers both when developing customer facing products (I worked on making pretty cocktail books for WEEKS) and when working directly with customers when the restaurants came up short staffed.

Relevant skill set: Management, Social Media, Brand adherence, some video editing skills

Career aspiration: As a diehard sports fan, my dream is to work in sports marketing for an organization with strong values and comradery. Working for any of my home teams would be the most ideal but I’d be happy to explore sports business in any way I can!

Extracurricular activities: Greek Life through the ISC, Madison House (Rise Together), SWS, AMA VA Ambassadors

Course recommendations: Commodifying Race and Gender with David Coyoca

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Literally just every chocolate ingredient mixed together


Josh FogelJosh Fogel (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Finance), Statistics

Why Promotions: I think it is the perfect opportunity to help solve an incredibly complex problem in a field I don’t normally work in with some of the most creative, talented students at UVA.

Relevant work experience: I worked at JPMorgan Chase this past summer as a Capital Stress Testing Intern. I additionally have worked as a Business Intelligence SA for a healthcare firm where I got significant experience creating visualizations in Tableau and Power BI.

Relevant skill set: Statistics, Data Analytics, Research, Visualization Software, Excel

Career aspiration: I just signed an offer with Bain as an Associate Consultant in their Boston office. Long term, I’m hoping to leverage the skills I learn there to build a startup.

Extracurricular activities: Honor Committee, Hoo Crew Committee, former Member of UVA Hot Sauce Club, VP of Finances for my fraternity

Course recommendations: Advanced Sports Analytics

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Hazelnut Chocolate with chunks of caramel and notes of coffee


Abby HaraburdaAbby Haraburda (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, Management)

Why Promotions: I’ve always loved marketing and strategy. I enjoy challenging myself to be creative and think creatively. I want to develop my skills in the creative and analytical aspects of this class and apply them to a campaign.

Relevant work experience: In my internship I performed a lot of data analytics and research, and also in the past I’ve held a few small social media marketing positions that have helped me learn about social media strategy and content.

Relevant skill set: Organization, writing, strategy, social media, some Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, and analytical skills

Career aspiration: I’m interested in litigation consulting because of my internship, but I’ve always had a strong interest for brand strategy so I’m excited to get to explore that path with Promo!

Extracurricular activities: Alpha Chi Omega, Shelter for Help and Emergency

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Espresso mint chip with vanilla swirl


Keita HeinrichKeita Heinrich (Architecture ’22)

Major/minor: Architecture

Why Promotions: I stalked a former student’s website, where they had the book for a former project showcased! I thought the product looked great and was interested in being part of a team that produced something similar.

Relevant work experience: Have worked as a Research Fellow/Assistant, both self-directed and in a team. Additional work experience as an intern working mostly on book design. Was also a TA for an intro to design class, so in theory I’m qualified to teach Adobe.

Relevant skill set: Adobe (not the video stuff), general design. Some project management/leadership

Career aspiration: Stick around in some type of design/architecture/creative field, eventually being able to retire, and take a few years while I’m younger to try out various different things

Extracurricular activities: Architecture Student Council, American Institute for Architecture Students, Alpha Phi Omega, Meriwether Lewis Institute for Citizen Leadership

Course recommendations: Drawing for Design

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Vanilla (but like a really nice vanilla)


Sydney HerzogSydney Herzog (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing), Media Studies

Why Promotions: As a first-year in COMM 1800 I was amazed when the Promo class came to present the campaign they had put together. That day not only made me want to be in Promo myself, but also inspired me to apply to McIntire and pursue a career in marketing. I am very excited for the incredible learning opportunity this course provides as well as the chance to become part of such a close-knit community.

Relevant work experience: Over the past few summers, I have worked as a Marketing Intern at Samsung Electronics, Thomson Reuters, and HITLAB NYC. Through these experiences, I learned a lot about marketing strategy and hard skills that would assist me in working on a campaign. In addition, I have learned a lot about storytelling and how to effectively work in a group through coursework and club involvements.

Relevant skill set: Market research, marketing strategy, social media, writing, leadership and problem-solving skills

Career aspiration: After graduating, I plan to work in marketing and brand management for a large consumer products company, but in the long term I would love to transition into the media industry and work on marketing for a news outlet.

Extracurricular activities: The Cavalier Daily, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, student-athlete tutoring, Sigma Kappa Sorority, Ulink Peer Advising

Course recommendations: News Media with Wyatt Andrews

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Chocolate fudge brownie with cookie dough chunks


Catherine HollisCatherine Hollis (A&S ’22)

Major/minor: Economics

Why Promotions: I first became acquainted with Promotions in 2019 when I was in COMM 1800 and saw them present their campaign for Wienerschnitzel. I had already been interesting in marketing, so when I saw this, I was immediately intrigued by the class and knew I had to apply. I have always loved how marketing combines creativity and analytics in a way that allows me to help make a difference in our culture and beyond, so I’m so excited to finally apply my passion in the classroom.

Relevant work experience: Last summer, I was a Marketing Intern for a female entrepreneur, where I specialized in developing digital strategies and producing campaigns across several platforms, and this summer I am currently wrapping up an account management internship at Doner, an advertising agency, where I have strengthened my leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills.

Relevant skill set: I have graphic design, social media, and management experience through my extracurriculars and internships.

Career aspiration: My current aspiration is to complete my advertising internship and move to the corporate side, preferably as a brand manager at a CPG company.

Extracurricular activities: I currently serve on the Marketing Executive Committee for Pancakes for Parkinson’s, volunteer for Madison House, and am a member of the Virginia Ambassadors, where I have recently been selected to serve as Director of Internal Affairs.

Course recommendations: Italian Renaissance Art History with Betsy Purvis

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: M&Ms, chocolate chunks, and fudge swirl with vanilla ice cream


Christina JiangChristina Jiang (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, IT), Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law

Why Promotions: Promo is the perfect combination of market research, advertising, consulting, creative design, presentation, and teamwork. It’s everything that I want to learn more about and everything I love.

Relevant skill set: I have experience in Adobe suite, particularly InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, etc. I have been drawing and painting since 6 so I have a general sense of artistic creativity. Also experience in consulting and project and product management.

Career aspiration: I want to go into federal consulting or governmental agencies. I want to contribute to the greater good and make an impact in the world.

Extracurricular activities: College council, student council, Fralin Museum Student Docent, Admission Office Intern, piano

Course recommendations: Mass Media and American Politics

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Rum and raisin


Mak JohansenMak Johansen (Architecture ’22)

Major/minor: Architecture

Why Promotions: I found out about Promotions through Instagram and it was the perfect fit for the kind of education and experience I was looking for surrounding graphic design and digital marketing at UVA. I hope to learn new skills and produce great work for this year’s class as well as for myself.

Relevant work experience: I have worked as Publicity Chair, Graphic Designer, and Web Developer for my a cappella group since my first year, and through doing that I have produced many campaigns that include photoshoots, both digital and physical assets, merch designs, logo designs, etc. I also have been working alongside a few startup companies this summer as both Graphic Designer and Digital Marketing Manager, where I have learned even more new skills and techniques in the field.

Relevant skill set: I have graphic design, website development, digital marketing, social media, photography, and videography experience from my various internships and positions throughout my college career.

Career aspiration: I hope to pursue a career in graphic design and brand development/advertising for a company after I graduate from college. I also hope to continue developing my own personal art style and graphic design work along the way. Somewhere in between all of that I would like to be in Europe.

Extracurricular activities: I am in an a cappella group at UVA, called the Virginia Sil’hooettes. I also have a waitressing job at a restaurant in Charlottesville called South and Central. Additionally, I spend the last few moments I have of free time either painting or drawing.

Course recommendations: Empathic Design 6D with Elgin Cleckley

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Vegan Cherry Garcia with banana slices and a massive ball of cookie dough in the center with melted almond butter on top


Megan KelleherMegan Kelleher (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, Management)

Why Promotions: Ever since I came to UVA, I wanted to be in Promo. I was attracted to the energy of the class and the intersection of two things that excite me–strategy and creativity. I also admittedly wanted to know more about what kind of career was right for me with this class.

Relevant work experience: Since high school, I’ve run my YouTube channel, where I post videos about once a week on college and lifestyle topics. This has taught me so much, especially since I control everything on my channel from the branding to the content to the editing and understanding analytics. I am also the President of WUVA, a student-run media organization, where I lead teams and liaise with the board. This experience has given me so many soft skills, particularly during weekly meetings and presentations to the BOD. This summer at my internship, I worked virtually for a marketing agency in D.C. There, I learned about client relationships, competitor analysis, and did a lot of copywriting.

Relevant skill set: Video production (video editing on FCPx and Adobe Premiere), leadership/team management, organization, writing, strong attention to detail, and Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Lightroom

Career aspiration: Either marketing or strategy consulting. One day, I would love to combine my affinity for people and creativity and serve as a CCO.

Extracurricular activities: WUVA, Chi Omega, Madison House

Course recommendations: Intro to Design Thinking with Elgin Cleckley

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Ukrop’s rainbow cookie with rainbow sprinkles and vanilla ice cream


Minoti KishorMinoti Kishor (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Information Technology, Management), English

Why Promotions: I’m super interested in both the quantitative (market research and analytics) and the qualitative (branding) aspects of promotions. I also really like how hands-on and collaborative promotions is and how I would be able to work really closely with all of my classmates!

Relevant work experience: On the quantitative side, I’ve worked at two banks (Fifth Third & Wells Fargo) as a Data Analyst and Investment Banking Analyst, respectively. I’ve done plenty of market research and customer analysis in both of my internships, which I think would be helpful in Promotions. I also worked as a TA for a Digital Marketing class through iXperience during the school year last year, and learned/taught about customer branding and recognition

Relevant skill set: Leadership and management, digital marketing, market research, brand research

Career aspiration: General consulting with the opportunity to explore a range of industries

Extracurricular activities: Vice President of Finance for my sorority, GSC, CASH, Madison House Program Director

Course recommendations: Black Holes

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Half Baked


Caitlin KreinhederCaitlin Kreinheder (Architecture ’22)

Major/minor: Architecture (pre-professional), Social Entrepreneurship, Studio Art, Dance

Why Promotions: I am really interested in how design and creative thinking can intersect with leadership and business, and I believe that art direction and advertising are integral realms where these intersections exist. Having the ability to dip my feet into advertising before committing to a job, career, or grad school is a critical reason that I am taking Promotions. I am also generally excited to gain experience and connections within the McIntire School, something that normally would not be accessible to me.

Relevant work experience: I interned with the Tom Tom Foundation as a Marketing and Design Intern from 2019 to 2021, creating marketing materials for both print and digital. I have also been the branding and design head for Lighting of the Lawn since 2019 and the marketing and publicity chair of the Class of 2022 Class Council from 2019 to 2021, and I have been able to develop brands and branding elements featured on everything from t-shirts to banners.

Relevant skill set: Graphic design, Adobe Creative Suite, team leadership and management, public speaking, creative direction

Career aspiration: I would love to eventually be a CCO for a brand or company, combining my interests of leadership and management with my creative background.

Extracurricular activities: Honor Committee, Lighting of the Lawn, Class of 2022 Class Council, Architecture School Student Council, Dance Committee at UVA

Course recommendations: History of Museums

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Rainbow Sherbet with sprinkles and marshmallows


Emma Chin LeeEmma Chin Lee (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, IT)

Why Promotions: Ever since I first heard about Promo in first year, I knew I wanted to join this close-knit, hard-working community. Everyone who has been in the class seems to share this passion for marketing and each other, and you can see how proud they are of their work. The class is a yearlong commitment of hard work, but it proves to be worth it in the end: lifelong friends, endless learnings, and great mentors.

Relevant work experience: While I was home for the past year and a half, my sister and I created an online consignment store for 16- to 35-year-old women in Trinidad. This allowed me to test out a bunch of different areas in marketing. I gained experience in creating websites, building user-friendly interfaces, and launching marketing campaigns. Prior to launching our business, I also completed a lot of market research on the consignment industry in Trinidad and studied our competitors’ business models and our target market.

Relevant skill set: Marketing strategy, social media, writing, graphic design

Career aspiration: I would love to become a marketing consultant and work with many different types of companies. It sounds like a fun challenge to continuously research and learn about new brands and try to create marketing strategies based on that. This job would allow me to balance my creative and analytical skills, and keep up with the fast-paced marketing industry trends.

Extracurricular activities: Women’s UVA Water Polo Club, Chi Omega, Forge

Course recommendations: Digital Strategy and Analytics

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Espresso ice cream with Ferrero Rocher bits and pieces


Lizzy LynchLizzy Lynch (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing), English

Why Promotions: I want to push my boundaries when it comes to my writing, critical thinking, and creative skill set and want to be a part of a team that is as passionate and driven as I am.

Relevant work experience: This summer, I worked as a Market Research Analyst and had to do extensive primary and secondary research to understand our target market. I love utilizing databases and organizing and presenting my findings in a way that is easy to digest while tackling the root problem.

Relevant skill set: Market research, market strategy, public speaking, leadership

Career aspiration: In the short term, I want to do be a brand/marketing consultant for consumer products. Long term, I hope to go to grad school and become a college professor to teach business and the importance of writing, two subjects I love.

Extracurricular activities: Club running, Honor Committee, Pi Beta Phi, Ulink, Research Assistant

Course recommendations: What Is Education For?

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Dark Chocolate, with Oreos, brownies, and chocolate chips


Ann MaddenAnn Madden (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, Finance)

Why Promotions: I’m taking Promo to get hands-on experience creating a campaign from start to finish. I’m excited to bring out my competitive side while also challenging my creativity and improving my analytical skills. I’m also looking forward to a great opportunity for bonding and team building within the class!

Relevant work experience: This summer, I interned with KPMG. Prior to that, I ran my own kids’ summer camp for several years. On a small scale, this taught me some entrepreneurial skills and lessons.

Relevant skill set: I enjoy strategy, problem solving, brainstorming, and the numbers side of things.

Career aspiration: I’m still exploring my career options, but right now, I’m most excited about marketing. I hope to find a job that allows me to be creative, while also applying quantitative skills.

Extracurricular activities: Autism Allies and Madison House (the BIG event)

Course recommendations: Serial Media with Marcel Schmid

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Half coffee and half chocolate with LOTS of the Carvel ice cream cake crunchies


Nick MartinezNick Martinez (A&S ’22)

Major/minor: Media Studies; minor: Sociology

Why Promotions: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes I’ve taken as a Media Studies major, but I do feel that the skills I have learned in my academic life are limited in the applicability to a career in marketing. I want the chance to be creative, and I love working in teams, so I thought Promo would be perfect for me.

Relevant work experience: I was the publicity chair for First Year Players for a semester and the publicity manager for my a cappella group for a year. In 2020, I was a Content Strategy and Social Media Management Intern for the UVA Ed School, and I interned last summer in social media marketing for a nonprofit called Infant Massage USA.

Relevant skill set: Social media, writing, editing, Adobe Premiere Pro

Career aspiration: I’d love to work in an advertising agency at some point, but my long-term dream is to work in marketing in the film industry.

Extracurricular activities: First Year Players, University Singers, New Dominions (a cappella)

Course recommendations: LGBTQ+ Issues in the Media

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Chocolate fudge brownie but with a scoop of mint ice cream


Eva MayoEva Mayo (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, Management)

Why Promotions: I found out about Promo from two friends who took it during the 2020-2021 academic year. Promo didn’t seem to just be another class to them, but it was another passion. I wanted to be a part of that, and especially with my concentration in Marketing, I knew Promo would be a great learning experience. After learning about more technical marketing skills in my previous classes, I am looking forward to this opportunity to be more creative.

Relevant work experience: I am the Campus Director for University Tees, a custom apparel company that works with various student organizations, school departments, and local businesses. I have held this position for a little over a year now, and I have learned valuable sales and marketing skills. I have had to network to build a customer base, promote a social media platform, and come up with creative order ideas. This job has pushed me out of my comfort zone to grow as an individual, as well as hone my skills in marketing and advertising.

Relevant skill set: I have experience in social media, graphic design, and marketing analytics through both academic and professional experience. Additionally, I am a driven team player, which will be valuable for this class.

Career aspiration: Ultimately, I would like to work in consulting, whether that be management or strategy. I also would like to combine my knowledge in marketing with this type of role. Eventually, I would also like to get my MBA in a specific area of business, but I am not sure just what subject yet. Overall, I am looking forward to entering a job after graduation that will allow me to use my critical thinking skills while also being creative.

Extracurricular activities: Madison House, CASPCA Volunteer, Student Impact, Sigma Kappa

Course recommendations: Intro to Designing and Thinking with Elgin Cleckley

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Cake batter ice cream with Oreos and fudge


Sydney NymanSydney Nyman (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing and Management)

Why Promotions: I want to improve my skills in both team leadership and brand building. I also really enjoyed hearing about how much previous Promo classes have bonded and continued their friendships post grad, and I really wanted to be part of such a close team.

Relevant work experience: Last year, I worked as a social media marketing intern and did work creating assets for Twitter and Instagram, as well as identifying influencers for affiliate marketing campaigns. This summer, I was a merchandising intern and learned a lot about how product assortment can strengthen (or weaken!) a brand and how to best remain on message even as the company grows.

Relevant skill set: Team leadership and management, public speaking, building brand strategy through product assortment and marketing, market research and consumer trend research

Career aspiration: Short term, I’m hoping to return to the merchandising role as an assistant buyer post-grad. I hope to continue understanding how product and marketing intersect in the buyer role and maybe one day be a merch executive for a company whose product I know consumers love.

Extracurricular activities: Forge student leadership (for way too long), UVA riding team

Course recommendations: Romantic Adaptation (or any Romantic-era English literature)

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Dairy-free cookie dough (but it’s like 50/50 dough to ice cream)


Grace SacripantiGrace Sacripanti (A&S ’22)

Major/minor: Foreign Affairs, French

Why Promotions: I enjoy the creativity of advertising and the behavioral study of what makes ad campaigns work. I wanted an interesting and highly involved class for my fourth year that would expose me to these sorts of ideas and materials.

Relevant work experience: Both in my past internships and academic work, I have had significant research experience, mostly focusing on foreign affairs, aerospace, and advanced tech. Additionally, I used PPT extensively in my last internship and enjoy slide design.

Relevant skill set: Highly organized, enjoy project manager roles, frequent proofreader, and creative

Career aspiration: I am interested in two completely different career paths: one in consulting (aerospace or management) and the other in brand strategy. Hopefully, this class allows me to explore the latter path. An aspirational career would include working in a strategy role in a subject matter I am interested in.

Extracurricular activities: ISC: Pi Phi

Course recommendations: Nuclear Politics with Todd Sechser

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Half Baked


Karen Sanchez GodinezKaren Sanchez Godinez (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing), Religious Studies

Why Promotions: I am super interested in the advertising industry and would love to get more hands-on experience. I also like that the class leads up to a big competition (makes it exciting).

Relevant work experience: During my internship at Initiative, we had the task of creating a campaign for Levi’s and got to learn a lot about media and the advertising industry in general. I am also a MAIP 2021 Fellow and had two campaign projects with that as well.

Relevant skill set: Leadership and management, lots of DEI work, know how to use certain tools for media planning and buying, have a pretty strong grasp of advertising terms

Career aspiration: I have two completely different careers in mind. I would love to work in the advertising industry and am really interested in OOH or experiential advertising. The second career I am interested in is focused on DEI work (law school in the future?).

Extracurricular activities: UPC (Special Events Committee), LSN at McIntire President, Women’s Center Intern

Course recommendations: Religion and the U.S. Courts

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Butter pecan


Rachel ScheffRachel Scheff (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing and Management), Psychology

Why Promotions: Promotions will teach me the skills necessary to excel in marketing and advertising. I also love working in diverse teams to take on challenges in real-world settings.

Relevant work experience: I’ve interned on the brand team for Goose Island Beer Company and have continued to do freelance work for them since 2020. I also interned in the accounts department for Austin ad agency CALLEN through the Stickell Honors Student Internship Program.

Relevant skill set: Accounts/project management, Adobe Creative Suite, trade marketing design, branding

Career aspiration: I’m still deciding whether I want to work for a brand or agency to start off, but I’d love to work in the branding or accounts department. I’d also like to eventually get an MBA in Marketing so I can eventually lead a company’s marketing initiatives.

Extracurricular activities: Gamma Phi Beta Chapter President, UVA Intramurals Personal Training, Outdoors Club, Virginia Case Club

Course recommendations: Intro to Social Psychology

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: PB ice cream with cookie dough, brownie bits, Reece’s, and fudge swirl that’s somehow low calorie so I can crush the whole pint


Dean SeeDean See (A&S ’22)

Major/minor: Cognitive Science (Computer Science concentration), Media Studies (Distinguished Majors Program)

Why Promotions: I’m always curious about what makes a good ad from a cognitive and creative perspective. Promotions is a great opportunity to go behind the scenes!

Relevant work experience: Video editing with WUVA/Tract (edtech startup), corporate communications/stakeholder relations with GIC, some YouTubing

Relevant skill set: Video editing, Adobe Creative Suite

Career aspiration: I’d like to work in a career that integrates tech and creative work, so potentially user experience design or marketing/branding/communications in the tech industry.

Extracurricular activities: WUVA, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Singapore Students’ Association

Course recommendations: Computer Animation (ARCH 5420)

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Cookout watermelon milkshake in ice cream form


Christine ShanChristine Shan (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, IT)

Why Promotions: It’s a great opportunity to combine my interests in marketing and strategic thinking with a more creative perspective. I also loved the small, tight-knit class, and look forward to bouncing ideas off of one another in class and hanging out outside of class, too.

Relevant work experience: I interned with CMG, a boutique consulting firm, this past summer and was involved in coming up with various strategies/frameworks, conducting primary and secondary research, and presenting to clients. I particularly loved leading in-depth interviews and focus groups and then synthesizing that qualitative information into strategic recommendations.

Relevant skill set: Market research, public speaking, leadership, Tableau, Excel

Career aspiration: My short-term goal is to do consulting and help clients solve problems and go through entire business transformations. In addition to my interest in business, I also have a passion for teaching and want to become a teacher or professor in the future.

Extracurricular activities: Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, Advertising & Marketing Association, Madison House – CASH, SPCA Foster Parent, Charlottesville’s Parks & Rec ADAPTIVE Volunteer, University Salsa Club

Course recommendations: Comm Law

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Coffee and cookies and cream ice cream with giant Oreo chunks and Trader Joe’s chocolate espresso beans


Chelsea SullivanChelsea Sullivan (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing)

Why Promotions: I want to further my skills and understanding of marketing and advertising. I hope to be able to find a career path that allows me to be creative and improve my problem-solving skills.

Relevant work experience: For years, I have managed and run a local business and developed better management and communication skills. This job role has helped me to better understand how to get people motivated. I learned the balance of making sure that my team meets every deadline, while having some fun along the way!

Relevant skill set: Team leadership, management, creative writing

Career aspiration: I am new to marketing as a career interest so possibly something in branding. Long term, I want to get my nonprofit off the ground and focus on social work.

Extracurricular activities: Creative writing, poetry

Course recommendations: Global Challenges, Local Responses

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Salted caramel ice cream with chocolate chips and strawberries


Abbie WeissmanAbbie Weissman (Architecture ’22)

Major/minor: Architecture (Design Thinking); Global Sustainability

Why Promotions: I’m really interested in pursuing a career in design, so experiencing what it’s like to work in an “ad agency” will be helpful in figuring out if creative marketing/advertising is what I want to do.

Relevant work experience: This summer, I was a Creative Art Intern at Real Chemistry, a healthcare marketing company, and had a great experience working within a real agency doing design. I’ve also taken Architectural Design classes at UVA for the past three years and been involved in various clubs where I’ve learned so much about graphic design and creative thinking.

Relevant skill set: Graphic design, design thinking, Adobe Creative Suite

Career aspiration: The ultimate goal is to be a designer or any creative position for a company that works toward sustainability and our climate. Short term, I’d love to work as an art director for an agency or company that I admire.

Extracurricular activities: Camp Kesem, TEDx UVA, Delta Gamma

Course recommendations: Intro to Design Thinking with Elgin Cleckley

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Dark chocolate ice cream with peanut butter and rainbow sprinkles


Ricky WojcikRicky Wojcik (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing, IT), Entrepreneurship

Why Promotions: I think that advertising is one of the most interesting ways to communicate with customers. I think it’s a great balance of creativity and analytics, and it’s super accessible when done right.

Relevant work experience: I have worked as a Social Media Manager for, I have built my own business and advertised it on a small scale (, and I worked on several startups on behalf of Rocket Internet and am involved in marketing and advertising for these (

Relevant skill set: Leadership and management, building marketing and advertising strategies for startups, some experience with film production and editing, some experience with Adobe Creative suite

Career aspiration: I don’t really know what I want to do. I know that I am not interested in working in finance or accounting, and I think I am inclined to work for a smaller company. I’m most interested in advertising, marketing, startup work, and management/strategy work. What’s most important to me is to be doing exciting and new work every day.

Extracurricular activities: I run my own business remotely (

Course recommendations: Rational Choice and Happiness

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Phish food


Ward WyethWard Wyeth (McIntire ’22)

Major/minor: Commerce (Marketing), Media Studies

Why Promotions: I love to do anything that requires creativity. I grew up in a family of artists, so I guess it was kind of inevitable for me to love anything related to art and design. Promotions will allow me to utilize creative thinking to solve real business issues, and I think that’s an invaluable experience to have while still in school (the snack room may have also factored into my excitement to join the class).

Relevant work experience: Since I was 16, I’ve worked for my mother, who is an Illustrator for the film industry. Using programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I’ve created desired products for clients and have worked on films such as “A Simple Favor” and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” I have also been a Marketing/Creative Intern for two companies over the past year.

Relevant skill set: Adobe Suite, leadership and management, graphic design, design thinking

Career aspiration: I’m not 100% sure of what I want to do yet, but definitely something in the marketing world. I want to find a job that requires creativity and problem-solving every day.

Extracurricular activities: I work three part-time jobs (illustrator, winery vinista, babysitter) and have my own jewelry business in which I incorporate plastic pollution I’ve cleaned off of beaches and donate part of the proceeds to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation; 2021-2022 Marketing Officer for UVA Advertising and Marketing Association

Course recommendations: Media Ethics

Dream Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Butter pecan and caramel cookie crunch blend

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