MBI Student Profile: Leveraging Media Studies with Business with Abigail Vendt (A&S ’21)

The fourth-year shares how she leveraged her Media Studies coursework with MBI's Business Fundamentals Certificate.

Abigail Vendt

We recently spoke with Abigail Vendt, a fourth-year UVA Media Studies student who completed MBI’s Business Fundamentals Certificate during her third year. At UVA, Vendt is involved in Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, and is also the design head for a journal and the communications intern for the Center for Christian Study.

Why did you choose MBI?
I chose MBI because I was interested in business. While studying media and art, I was looking to go into a marketing career and felt that, in addition to summer internships, I needed to obtain some business knowledge. Like many other students at UVA, I entered college thinking I wanted to study business at the McIntire School of Commerce. However, after my first semester, I discovered my love for media. That didn’t diminish my desire to learn about business though, so when I heard about MBI, I knew that this was perfect for me. I could still be a Media Studies major while learning from experienced Commerce School professors.

What MBI topic has been most beneficial?
Surprisingly, the most beneficial topic in MBI was accounting. I learned a lot about what accounting is and how it can be done. Even though I am not planning to be an accountant, I found that the information is really valuable for any business field that I want to explore in the future.

What is the workload like in MBI? How manageable is it?
The workload was very manageable. The most work that we did was in finance, and honestly, in the end, I learned so much. As long as you show up to class, meet with your group when necessary, and absorb the topics and discussion, it is very doable and not stressful at all.

What was it like working in a group with people you didn’t know?
It was really great. I was apprehensive about this aspect of the program, as I have been in many group projects before, not all of them a great experience, but that was not the case with MBI. Because everybody was taking the course voluntarily, I felt a comradery with the entire group that made me want to engage. My specific group was really chill, and I enjoyed working on the projects with them.

What was your favorite experience?
My favorite experience was getting to meet other students who had the same desire to learn about business that I did. I loved that we were from many different majors and backgrounds. We all had different interests but were working towards the same goal.

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