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M.S. in Commerce Q&A with Program Director Ira Harris

Program Director and Professor Ira Harris answers frequently asked questions about the M.S. in Commerce Program.

Ira Harris

Ira Harris (Photo by Tom Cogill)


  • What makes the M.S. in Commerce Program unique and special? (0:05)
  • How does the program prepare students for the workforce and make them attractive to employers? (3:11)
  • Why is there so much emphasis on teamwork in the program? (7:59)
  • Could you talk about the group projects students work on? (12:09)
  • How can you fit in so much content in just 10 months? (15:59)
  • What’s the most challenging aspect of the program and what’s your favorite aspect? (19:04)
  • What are common mistakes that people make when they start the program and how can I avoid them? (22:12)
  • What will fall 2021 look like? Will courses be delivered online, in person, or hybrid? (26:23)
  • Can you talk about the three-week Global Immersion Experience and why it’s important to the curriculum? (31:03)

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