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Introducing the M.S. in Commerce GCOM Council

Every new M.S. in Commerce class elects peers to represent them on the Graduate Commerce (GCOM) Council.

There are two branches of the GCOM Council: an M.S. in Accounting branch and an M.S. in Commerce branch. Together, they sponsor educational, social, community, and cultural activities while building a sense of community among students, faculty, and staff. They also facilitate interactions between the students and greater Charlottesville community.


Jordan BeekerJordan Beeker

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Undergrad Institution: University of Virginia
Undergraduate Majors: French and Anthropology

Council Goal: My goal is to foster community and camaraderie among program members while adhering to safety and health guidelines.

Career Goal: I’d love for my work to be in developing countries and/or have a humanitarian aspect.

Thoughts on M.S. in Commerce: I hope to develop my quantitative skills to supplement my qualitative background! I also hope to get to know other program members as often as possible!

Fun Fact: I do photography in my free time!


Bridget BeljanBridget Beljan

Position: Chief Operating Officer, Section 1
Undergraduate Institution: Bucknell University
Undergraduate Major: Political Science and Spanish

Council Goal: As a member of the council, I hope to be able to facilitate community engagement and meaningful connections among students, which is especially important during these estranged times.

Career goal: Right now, I am interested in a career in consulting with a concentration in strategic communications.

Thoughts on M.S. in Commerce: I hope to gain a strong business acumen and a solid foundation in analytical technologies in order to be successful in my future endeavors.

Fun Fact: I was the Business Manager of the radio station at my undergraduate institution, and I co-hosted a weekly radio show.


Chapman GilesChapman Giles

Position: Chief Operating Officer, Section 2
Undergrad Institution: Auburn University
Undergraduate Major: Nutrition

Council Goal: My main goal is to establish unity among the McIntire community through planning fun social events with other council members.

Career Goal: I’d like to become a medical device sales rep and change the lives of many!

Thoughts on M.S. in Commerce: My take so far is building lifelong friendships, making good connections, and gaining a strong business foundation.

Fun Fact: My enneagram is 3w4.


Taylor HarveyTaylor Harvey

Position: Chief Operating Officer, Section 1
Undergrad Institution: University of Virginia
Undergraduate Major: Foreign Affairs

Council Goal: My goal as a member of the council is to help us achieve a little normalcy and have the opportunity to still get to know one another in ways that reflect our differing interests.

Career Goal: While I don’t have a specific career goal in mind, I hope to work in an industry that values having both a tangible impact and social impact, whether that’s globally, regionally, or locally. Coming from a small town in South Carolina, I also hope to end up in a city like Washington, D.C., for a little change of pace and new opportunities.

Thoughts on M.S. in Commerce: My hope is that I am able to push myself out of what has become my academic comfort zone by acquiring both knowledge and skills that differ from my undergraduate studies. In the program, I also hope to gain exposure to different industries and professionals in order to help me figure out the best career path.

Fun Fact: I still know all the words to “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift. Yes, I realize that I do not know if I should be proud or disappointed by this, but it is helpful for karaoke.


Patrick PhibbsPatrick Phibbs

Position: Chief Operating Officer, Section 2
Undergraduate Institution: Clemson University
Undergraduate Major: Geology

Council Goal: My main goal is to ensure that the council enables everyone to make new relationships that will last for years to come.

Career Goal: As a geology major in undergrad, I would love to go into energy consulting.

Thoughts on M.S. in Commerce: I want to learn how successful companies maintain their competitive advantage.

Fun Fact: I won two national championships with the Clemson football team.

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