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Greetings from the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission!

The Undergraduate Admission Committee has completed its initial review of UVA students’ applications for fall 2020 admission. Throughout the selection process, the Committee considered many factors in its effort to build a well-rounded class that will contribute to and benefit from our educational environment and business community.

Of the 568 UVA students who applied to the B.S. in Commerce Program, the applicants once again presented remarkably strong academic credentials, with an average UVA cumulative GPA of 3.60. Our incoming class enrolled in full course loads every semester and took courses from a variety of disciplines that built upon their liberal arts knowledge. The Committee especially appreciated those applicants who took on academic challenges in preparation for our rigorous curriculum.

Beyond academics, our incoming class includes students who have engaged within and beyond their community through a variety of meaningful activities. In their engagement, they demonstrated the development of leadership and communication skills, a team orientation, and a high level of emotional intelligence. Their applications successfully communicated how the students would contribute to the School through a diversity of experience, background, and skills.

The admission process is not yet complete; students whose applications were deferred for more academic information and those transferring directly from other colleges and universities will round out the class in June. The McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission plans to release more detailed information about the entire incoming class at that time, and we look forward to welcoming the Class of 2022 at that time!

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