Sanderford Speaker Series: Greystar Real Estate Partners

March 18, 2024

Greystar Real Estate Partners: Insights from Industry Experts

On Monday evening, March 18, the White Ruffin Byron Center for Real Estate hosted Greystar Real Estate Partners as part of our Sanderford Speaker Series, bringing together students, alumni, and industry professionals.

Meet the Panel:

  • Abby McConnell, Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Sam Banks (A&S ’18), Senior Associate, Investments
  • Harlan Schade (Comm ’20), Associate, Portfolio Management
  • George Shepherd (A&S ‘21, MS Comm ’22), Investment Analyst

The discussion centered around Greystar’s investment process, strategy, and their agile response to the ever-evolving economic landscape. Our students engaged with these seasoned professionals, gaining valuable insights into the real estate industry.

Exploring Student Housing: A Unique Business Model

Greystar’s presentation delved into their student housing business model, shedding light on critical factors such as:

  1. Product Location: How Greystar strategically selects locations for student housing properties.
  2. Demand and Supply: Understanding the dynamics of student housing demand and supply.
  3. Sports Exposure: Leveraging sports events and university activities to enhance student housing appeal.
  4. Amenities: Creating living spaces that cater to students’ needs and preferences.

Case Studies and Underwriting Process

The panelists walked our students through real-world case studies, focusing on student housing assets in Charlottesville. These practical examples highlighted the nuances of underwriting student housing investments, emphasizing how it differs from standard multifamily assets.

Coffee Chats with Greystar

Earlier in the day, Greystar hosted informal coffee chats with students, facilitated by the McIntire School’s Commerce Career Services. These one-on-one interactions allowed students to explore career opportunities and gain personalized advice from industry experts.

We extend our gratitude to Greystar for its continued support of the White Ruffin Byron Center for Real Estate.