Cybersecurity: The Accountant’s Role in Preventing, Detecting, and Responding to Cybercrime

October 15, 2015

Faculty Lead: Eric Negangard

The Center for Innovation in Professional Services presented an interactive discussion of the role accountants play in the prevention, detection, and response to cybercrime. In today’s increasingly digital world organizations are under constant attack from high-tech criminals both foreign and domestic. Recent data breeches at Target, Sony, Home Depot, and the U.S. government provide just a few examples of the risk, both reputational and financial, organizations face in a highly connected world. Many experts insist there are now two types of organizations: those that have been hacked and those that are being hacked again. As a direct result, cybersecurity is at the top of the list for most corporate boards, and accountants play a critical role in warding off such events. We were thrilled to have cybersecurity experts from PwC present their experiences and best practices related to this exciting and quickly evolving field of business.

Amandeep Lamba, Director, Cybersecurity & Privacy, PwC
Christopher Duffy, Manager, Information Technology and Services, PwC