Consulting 101

October 30, 2015

Faculty Lead: Brendan Boler

Consulting 101 consisted of three sessions:
1. Case interview workshop: Most management consulting firms incorporate some form of case interview into their interview process. Cases are often viewed by students as daunting and/or intimidating. This workshop provided an overview of what case interviewing is and how students can practice before the kickoff of interview season, and ran through an interactive case interview in real time.

2. Careers in consulting panel: This panel helped students better understand what is meant by the somewhat nebulous term “management consulting.”

3. Student panel: The purpose of this panel for third-year students was to gain insight from current fourth-year students who either completed a summer internship with a consulting firm or were able to secure a full-time offer from a consulting firm.

Firm Participants
PwC – Becky Massie, Financial Services Advisory Associate
Capital One – Kevin Curry, Business Manager
Mercer – Jared Morgan, Talent Analyst
Deloitte – Ginny Lee, Consultant
BCG – Robbie Hayes, Associate