Careers in Finance Conference 2016

September 09, 2016

2016 Conference Agenda
September 8, 2016
Tom Fitch, Associate Dean for Commerce Career Services and Employer Relations

The Landscape of Careers in Finance
Peter Maillet, Associate Dean for Global Affairs; Lecturer in Global Strategy and Finance

September 9, 2016
David C. Smith, Associate Dean for Center Development & Research; Virginia Bankers Association Professor; Director, The McIntire Center for Financial Innovation

Private Wealth Management
J.P. Morgan Global Wealth Management
Stephen Parker (McIntire ’02), Managing Director

Boutique Investment Banking: Financial Advisory Services
Millstein & Co.
Elizabeth Abrams, Managing Director

Sales & Trading
Benjamin Bloom (McIntire ’13), Analyst

Large-Scale Investment Banking: Advising, Underwriting, & Financing
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
David Stith, Managing Director

Asset and Investment Management
Sands Capital Management
Neil Kansari (M.S. in Engineering ’02, Darden ’08), Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst
Mike Ginder (McIntire ’11), Senior Research Associate

Young Professionals Panel: Perspectives from the Workplace
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Jimi Larkins (McIntire ’07), Vice President

J.P. Morgan Global Wealth Management
Alston Edwards (A&S ’14), Global Wealth Management Analyst

Millstein & Co.
Sam Breuer, Associate

Benjamin Bloom, Analyst

Sands Capital Management
Mike Ginder, Life Sciences Senior Research Associate

Next Steps
Tom Fitch