Careers in Finance Conference 2015

September 11, 2015

Organized exclusively for third-year McIntire students, the Conference offered in-depth explanations of—and fascinating insiders’ perspectives on—the array of careers available to students with an affinity for finance.

2015 Conference Agenda
September 10, 2015
Tom Fitch, Associate Dean for Commerce Career Services and Employer Relations

Peter Maillet, Associate Dean for Global Initiatives; Lecturer in Global Strategy and Finance

September 11, 2015
David C. Smith, Associate Dean for Center Development & Research; Virginia Bankers Association Professor; Director, The McIntire Center for Financial Innovation

Boutique Investment Banking: Financial Advisory Services
Millstein & Co.
Elizabeth Abrams, Managing Director

Asset & Investment Management
Sands Capital Management
Job Taylor (Ph.D., A&S ’03), Research Analyst

Tom Rogers (M.S. in Commerce ’13), Research Associate

Perry Williams CFA (McIntire ’94), Senior Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst, Director of Research, and Executive Managing Director

Wealth Management
Edward J. Finley (A&S ’87), Former Managing Director, Deutsche Bank Private Wealth Management

Large-Scale Investment Banking: Advising, Underwriting, & Financing
Credit Suisse
Hayes Smith, Managing Director (A&S ’93, Law ’97, Darden ’97)

Young Professionals Panel: Perspectives from the Workplace
Justine Johnson (McIntire ’14), Investment Banking and Capital Markets Analyst, Wells Fargo Securities

Tom Rogers (M.S. in Commerce ’13), Research Associate, Sands Capital Management

Steven Rooda (McIntire ’12), Senior Analyst, UVIMCO

Matthew Scheidemann (McIntire ’10), Associate, Millstein & Co.

Next Steps
Tom Fitch

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