Career Opportunities for Those Who Understand Tax Law

September 10, 2015

Faculty Lead: Sue Porter

The Center for Innovation in Professional Services presented a panel discussion of some of the different career opportunities available for those interested in pursuing a career in taxation. Careers in taxation can be dynamic and as varied as other areas of business. For example, most financial planning teams have a tax expert on their staff. Many international business issues are a result of differences in regulation across jurisdiction. While a career in tax in a large public accounting firm requires a lot of experience in research, compliance, and basic tax planning during the first five or so years, the later years in a tax career demand skills in all aspects of business, including marketing, management, accounting, and finance. As the business regulatory environment continues to become more complex, skills in planning for regulatory change continue to be in increasing demand. The panelists have varied backgrounds and experiences that provided insight into some of the many opportunities available to those who specialize in tax.

Leah Alfonso, Partner, PwC
Chris McGowan, Vice President of Global Tax, Owens & Minor
Gary Wallace, Partner, Keiter