2022 Galant Challenge

April 01, 2022

The 2022 edition of the Galant Challenge featured teams including University alumni, faculty, and in one case, an undergraduate, who pitched their ideas to a panel of expert investors and an audience of McIntire board members and Commerce School guests. Dating back to 2012, the Challenge had already connected startups with nearly $5 million in capital over a span of 10 years. But in this, the 11th edition of the event, entrepreneurs were particularly successful in securing funding to help them take their ventures to the next level. The actual amount of funding received may, in total, be less than $5 million, as these investments are subject to customary due diligence and negotiation. Mark Galant is confident that, in any event, total investment will be in the millions of dollars, making the Galant Challenge among the largest such collegiate funding vehicles in the country.

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