2018 Business Analytics Colloquium

September 07, 2018

Trending topics like AI, automation, and customer analytics aren’t just changing the nature of business, they’re creating a wealth of new opportunities.  Providing real-world insights on these subjects and vital information about stimulating careers in data, industry experts met with students at the McIntire School of Commerce’s Rouss & Robertson Halls for the fifth annual Business Analytics Colloquium Friday, Sept. 7, 2018.  Hosted by the Center for Business Analytics (CBA), the event welcomed corporate partners from key players in the field, such as Joanna Bergeron (A&S ’98, M.S. in MIT ’03) and Ben Harden from technology and management consulting firm CapTech.


Program & Speakers

AI & Automation
Joanna Bergeron, Principal, CapTech
Chris Huff, Chief Strategy Officer, Kofax
Yang Shim, Partner, EY
Cliff Young, President, US Ipsos Public Affairs
Moderator: Ahmed Abbasi

Customer Journey
David Algranati, SVP, comScore
Jeff Campbell, VP, Applied Predictive Technologies
Kristin Moody, Senior Director, Analytic Partners
Martin Stolfa, VP, Hilton Worldwide
Moderator: Rick Netemeyer

Careers in Analytics Sessions

Business Analysts

Reorg Research (Sree Mallikarjun)
Hilton (Wes Mabee)
CarMax (Lindsay Preuss)
General Mills (Michelle Roberts)
Moderator: Jeff Boichuk

Digital Media

comScore (Jesse Lindsay)
Merkle (Chris Novak)
Allianz (John Smith)
WillowTree (Taylor Erwin)
Moderator: Brent Kitchens

Analytics Consulting – Managerial Perspective

CapTech (Ben Harden)
EY (Arun Balasubramanian)
Ipsos (Katie Joyce)
Accenture (Lee Scoggins)
Moderator: Trey Maxham

Analytics Consulting – Younger Professionals

Analytic Partners (Susannah Derr)
Applied Predictive Technologies (Aydin Cashel)
Deloitte (Sarah Shamsie)
Bain (Sarah Rennich)
Moderator: Jingjing Li

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