2015 Business Analytics Colloquium

September 04, 2015

The Center for Business Analytics (CBA) at the McIntire School of Commerce hosted its second annual Business Analytics Colloquium Friday, Sept. 4. This event highlighted the state-of-the-art for analytics, showcased our strong industry partners, and provided McIntire students with an opportunity to learn more about exciting careers in data analytics.

Panel: Big Data
Joanna Bergeron, Principal, CapTech
Todd Kennedy, SVP, Capital One
Cameron Meierhoefer, COO, comScore
Mark Urbanczyk, Principal, Deloitte Consulting
Moderator: Ahmed Abbasi

Panel: Customer Analytics
Jeff Campbell, Vice President, Applied Predictive Technologies
Doug McElhaney, Client Services Leader, McKinsey & Co.
Martin Stolfa, Vice President, Hilton Worldwide
Moderator: Rick Netemeyer

Careers in Analytics Sessions
Financial Services:
Capital One (Sarah Ann Gayner Van Gilst)
EY (Arun Balasubramanian and Tom Reilly)
Moderator: Jingjing Li

Digital Media:
comScore (Kate Buzzelli)
Merkle | RKG (Ross Koon)
Red Ventures (Taylor Jenkins and Marcelo Villar)
Viget (Ben Travis)
Moderator: Brent Kitchens

Analytics Consulting 1:
CapTech (Ben Harden)
McKinsey (Lee Scoggins)
EY (Peter Corbett and Yang Shim)
Moderator: Trey Maxham

Analytics Consulting 2:
Deloitte (Ujwal Neelakantan and Miles Sollinger)
Booz Allen Hamilton (TBD)
Applied Predictive Technologies (Ian Major)
Moderator: Jeff Boichuk

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