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Course Enrollment FAQs Answered by McIntire Ambassadors

Planning out your schedule for next semester? Learn how Kathryn, George, and Matt, all McIntire Ambassadors, answer common course enrollment questions they hear during walk-in advising.

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McIntire Ambassadors George, Kathryn, and Matt

I have an extra spot in my schedule to take any class I want. Do you have any recommendations?
Kathryn: When you’re building your schedule, you want to make sure you are creating a well-rounded, rigorous, and full schedule. This means that a student should be carrying 14-16 credits. The selected classes should also show that the student is pursuing subjects that interest them at a somewhat rigorous level. 

When it comes to selecting a class topic, don’t feel like you need to select a class that is business-related in order to please the admissions committee. As long as you are taking classes that interest you and are somewhat rigorous, then you are on the right track! This could mean taking classes in psychology, religion, or computer science, for instance. It’s up to you! If you enjoyed a previous class in a certain department, consider taking the next level up in that department. Explore during this time when you have plenty of room in your schedule! 

What is your favorite non-Commerce-related class?
Kathryn: Criminology has been one of my favorite classes at UVA! I found it challenging, but also very interesting and enjoyable. The class made me think about a topic that I had never learned about before. Even though it wasn’t Commerce-related, it helped me learn how to think critically and also improved my writing skills. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking for a challenging class that isn’t quantitative. 

Will it be possible for me to double major if I am accepted to Comm?
Definitely! A good amount of current and past McIntire students have double majors. Students from my block are currently double majoring in computer science, math, and drama! 

If you decide that you would like to have a double major, you should start laying out your schedule now in order to make sure you meet all the requirements. Every McIntire third-year is required to take 12 credits of the Integrated Core Experience (ICE) in the fall and 9 credits of ICE in the spring. You should plan your other major requirements with this in mind. For their fourth year, McIntire students do not have ICE, and their schedule will be more open. However, students in McIntire still need to complete the requirements for their concentration which vary. 

Do I need to take Calculus II or a higher-level Econ class to look “more impressive” to the admission committee?
In short, no you do not need to take a higher-level math or Econ to apply to McIntire. There is a misconception that higher-level Calculus or Economics classes are the “unannounced requirements.” Fortunately, that is exactly what it is: a misconception! In the event that you have completed the Econ or Calc requirement through transfer or test credit, you may take an additional class to provide the committee with an additional quantitative data point. Please note that if you are in this position, taking an additional class is completely OPTIONAL. If you are interested in these classes, by all means, take them! But don’t feel like you have to for admission. 

What math should I take (MATH 1190, 1210, 1310 or higher level)?
Any of the math prerequisites listed will count towards the Calculus credit in your McIntire admission application. Here are the differences: 1190 is for students who do not have previous exposure to Calculus, but it has the same exams as 1210, it is just talk a little differently, and 1310 is geared towards natural science majors. Take the course that is most appropriate for you.

I love philosophy and want to continue to take courses in it, how will that look to the admissions committee?
That’s great that you have found a passion outside of business! If you are interested in a course/area of study then you should pursue it. The admission committee wants to see what interests you. You can also strengthen your communication and problem-solving skills through just about any subject matter. 

Is there a particular class that you feel really prepared you for McIntire?
While there isn’t one particular class that fully prepared me for McIntire, there are definitely characteristics of a combination of classes that helped. The Integrated Core Experience (ICE) curriculum places a large emphasis on participation, particularly through class discussions. As someone who is tentative to raise my hand in class, this was an adjustment for me. What did help, however, was that I had previously taken classes that were discussion-based, such as my foreign language classes. 

Assignments in McIntire are also largely done within a group, even after ICE. Any class that gives you the opportunity to work in a group and strengthen your collaboration skills will definitely help prepare you for McIntire. A variety of classes in different subjects utilize group work for assignments. For me, Intermediate Microeconomics was my first experience working in a group in college. This class was a great example of how many McIntire classes handle group work. In Intermediate Micro, I was assigned to a group of three other students to work on weekly problem sets. Working in this group taught me how to handle differing schedules and also disagreements within a group. Many of my Accounting and Finance classes at McIntire have the same structure.

There are numerous classes available that will help prepare students for the rigor and structure of McIntire. Don’t feel like only business related classes will help prepare you. Feel free to challenge yourself through different subjects. As long as you are keeping up with the prerequisites and taking a full and rigorous schedule, you will be well prepared! 

Should I take [insert prerequisite] over the summer instead?
When you are deciding if you should take a prerequisite during the summer, really consider why you are doing so. Is it because you can’t fit the class in your schedule, or is it because you want more time to devote to the class? The admission committee wants to see students take the prerequisites while balancing a full course load and co-curricular activities (when possible). This provides them with an opportunity to see how students manage courses while having the other demands of a regular semester. With that being said, if these courses really don’t fit in your schedule, don’t stress; taking them over the summer will not make or break your application! For example, a lot of students have a difficult time fitting the foreign language requirement into their schedule because the introduction classes quickly fill up. In these cases, taking the prerequisites over the summer through UVA is definitely a viable option. 

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