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Celebrating Milestones Together

Third-year students build community during their Integrated Core program.

One of my responsibilities as the block representative for Block 2 is to ensure strong block morale, which means appreciating and celebrating the hard work students do every day.

All groups in both Block 1 and Block 2, collectively Team 1, had been working very hard for the past few weeks on project 2 deliverables. Basak (Block 1 representative) and I sensed students felt stressed from the demands of the rigorous project. We wanted to uplift their mood and provide them with an opportunity to celebrate all their hard work in achieving this impressive milestone.

Blocks 1 and 2 celebrate completing project 2 with a fun potluck event!

We decided to organize a Team 1 “hybrid” potluck event the weekend after the deadline. Basak and I used our block budget to provide pizza, snacks, and dessert, and students were encouraged to bring something to share with others. Together, we relaxed, enjoyed the food, and had a fun time. Personally, I really enjoyed meeting new people from Block 1.

Block 2 students celebrate Finance midterm with an ice cream social.

The following week was our Finance midterm. I used the leftovers from our project 2 celebration to organize an ice cream social event right after the exam. We all had a fun time and bonded over our collective endeavor. One student even got his internship offer call while we were celebrating. What perfect timing!


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