Career Support Services for M.S. in Global Commerce Students

M.S. in Global Commerce student Patrick O'Hara shares how Commerce Career Services helps to set students up for success when navigating the job search.

Career support at UVA McIntire for M.S. in Global Commerce students

One of the many benefits the University of Virginia provides its students is the recruiting that occurs on Grounds. The School’s strong reputation means that employers are always engaging students, whether it be through coffee chats and information sessions or through on-Grounds interviewing. As I have learned, Commerce Career Services (CCS) is willing to help at every stage of the process. I sat down with Katie Kinniburgh, former Assistant Director of Career Development, to discuss some of the resources available to M.S. in Global Commerce students.

Recruitment Resources
A primary concern for students when entering the M.S. in Global Commerce Program is the recruitment process, which often starts before students step foot on Grounds in the fall. Because of this, CCS developed a module to prepare students to hit the ground running in terms of the recruitment process. The module includes videos and tips for engaging recruiters and outlines what to expect at every stage. This is an extremely helpful resource, as it answers almost all questions one might have about the hiring process. All of this information can be found on MyMcIntire, the online information hub for all things McIntire, which has an entire section dedicated to Career Services. Here, students will find news on upcoming information sessions, career fairs, and more. One thing Katie emphasized was the amount of resources that are available through MyMcIntire. Students will find lists of firms that have hired UVA students broken down by industry, contact information for alums broken up by region, and preparation tips for interviews in different fields. This serves as a great resource for students looking to expand their professional network and gives them access to connections across the world.

Support for International Students
For international students, CCS provides additional support for those looking to either remain in the United States or go elsewhere. For those looking for careers in the U.S., they guide students through the OTP process, while providing other additional resources during the job searching phase. These include lists of companies that have hired international students in the past, as well as alumni contacts, a network of companies that are open to hiring international students, and webinars and information sessions targeted specifically towards options for international students. Katie emphasized that while this process may seem difficult on the surface, there are companies out there that want to hire international students, and CCS wants to help M.S. in Global Commerce students successfully navigate the hiring process.

International Employment Opportunities
Students pursuing the M.S. in Global Commerce who are hoping to work internationally are also at an advantage. As a global program, students have access to career services not only at UVA but also at Lingnan College and Esade Business School. This means students have access to the networks of three international universities spanning three different continents. Additionally, from a UVA perspective, students have access to their global network, which as Katie put it, means students have connections in basically every city around the globe. Finally, CCS teaches students how to connect with people abroad, providing services such as CV formatting for different countries, networking best practices abroad, and certain trends to be aware of for target countries.

To summarize, Commerce Career Services is here to help you and wants to help you. I have personally found CCS to be invaluable; the staff is always quick to respond to my questions and concerns and always willing to meet with students to provide the necessary support. Combine this can-do attitude with the endless networking opportunities, and M.S. in Global Commerce students are set up well for successfully navigating the job search.

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