Career Placement Statistics for the M.S. in Commerce Program’s Class of 2020

The most recent graduating class of UVA's M.S. in Commerce reports impressive placement data.

Rouss Hall

The M.S. in Commerce Class of 2020 placement statistics have been released, and the program has once again posted strong numbers. Ninety-one percent of the class reported placement within six months of graduation, slightly down from previous year’s placement rates of 94-99%. However, the average starting salary increased to $69,500, and the average total compensation to $93,827.

The M.S. in Commerce is STEM-designated, allowing international students the option to stay in the United States and apply for a total of three years of OPT. For the Class of 2020, 66% of international students found work outside of their home country, and 59% found work in the U.S. after graduation.

The strength of McIntire’s career support, employer relations, and extensive alumni network resulted in 68% of jobs facilitated through the School. Visit the program website for a more detailed breakdown of hiring companies in the last four years.


Track Percentage Average Annual Base Salary Annual Base Salary Range Average Annual Bonus Average Total Compensation
Business Analytics 38% $69,700 $40,000-$85,000 $11,167 $90,152
Finance 35% $71,500 $50,000-$90,000 $23,000 $106,375
Marketing & Management 27% $66,643 $40,000-$87,000 $9,311 $79,204
Total 100% $65,500 $40,000-$90,000 $14,570 $93,827


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