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My Experience Switching Tracks in the M.S. in Commerce Program

Jake Winters, a current student in the M.S. in Commerce Program, shares his reasons for switching tracks and provides insight into the process.

Switching Tracks in the M.S. in Commerce Program

By Jake Winters (M.S. in Commerce ’24)

Applicants to the M.S. in Commerce Program are required to choose a track as their primary focus throughout the graduate program. The available tracks include Finance, Marketing & Management, Business Analytics, and Biotech, each with unique benefits. However, if you realize after starting the program that your chosen track isn’t the right fit for you, don’t worry. The program allows students to apply for a track switch.

Applying to Change Tracks

The track switch application process begins in the first week of the semester, when students can attend a track switch session to learn more about each track and the process for changing tracks. Attending this session is mandatory; during it, you must choose the track you’re interested in—but this doesn’t mean a 100% commitment. If you decide to stay in your current track, that’s perfectly fine. The deadline for the track switch application is at the end of September, halfway through the first semester. The application includes your grades, undergraduate transcript, and a few essays explaining your interest in the track switch.

Since most tracks start in October, it may be challenging to determine if a specific track is suitable for you. Based on personal experience, you can reach out to a track-specific professor and learn more about the track’s courses and opportunities. However, there’s a different process for those who want to switch to Finance. All Finance students must take a finance prep course in the first half of the first semester. If you’re considering switching to Finance, you must take this course alongside the other general requirements. Doing well in the prep course can make you stand out as a good candidate. If you’re still unsure about your track, you can apply for a track switch by telling your story on the Track Switch Application and working hard in all your classes.

From Marketing & Management to Finance: My Experience

I recently completed the track switch process myself. As an English major, I thought Marketing & Management would be the right track for me. However, over the year before starting the M.S. in Commerce Program, my interests changed, and I became more interested in Finance. After taking the finance prep course and discussing the track switch process with Professor Gayle Erwin, the finance prep professor, I decided to pursue a career in consulting, finance, or banking. I submitted my application and was admitted into the Finance Track a week later. While there’s no guarantee that the switch is permitted, the application process is an excellent opportunity to present your case as to why you would be a great fit for your track of interest.

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