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Engaging with the McIntire Graduate Admissions Office

Kellie Booth (M.S. in Commerce, ’23) shares her experience as an applicant and offers insight into the value of connecting with McIntire’s Graduate Admissions team.

Kellie Booth (M.S. in Commerce '23)

Kellie Booth (M.S. in Commerce '23)

By Kellie Booth (M.S. in Commerce ’23)

Students thinking of applying to McIntire’s M.S. in Commerce Program don’t need to look much further than its website, with helpful, easy-to-navigate links and answers to the most frequently asked questions. There are blogs from students, a collection of essential deadlines, useful knowledge for financing your graduate degree, and plenty of information about the program. And while these are all important pockets of information and great for quick reminders or general answers to admissions questions, they are just a sample of the most powerful resource in the application process: the Graduate Marketing & Admissions Office.

While it might seem daunting at first, connecting with members of the team is an invaluable step in the application process. They will have personalized, thoughtful answers and advice to help you navigate the application process comfortably and confidently. When I was applying to the M.S. in Commerce Program, I had so many questions—about my level of fit for the program, what to expect, and how to best present myself as an applicant—so I scheduled an advising appointment with a member of the team. Between the advising appointment, follow-up phone calls, and emails, I felt excited by and connected to the program. I also felt much more confident about my strength as an applicant.

It’s important to note that connecting with the office through phone, Zoom, or email is an excellent option for out-of-state applicants (like me!), but there are also in-person admissions events on Grounds. It’s easy to find and register for upcoming events on the calendar of events here. Every month, there are typically several events open to prospective students, which are great opportunities to get to know both the program and its people.

Ultimately, there are plenty of resources for prospective students looking to get to know the program and prepare their application. Still, I recommend potential applicants take a leap to connect with members of the M.S. in Commerce community and read about student and alumni experiences.

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