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Alumni Spotlight: Omar Amer (M.S. in Commerce ’18)

Omar Amer

  • Undergraduate Degree B.S. in Chemical Engineering 2017
  • Undergraduate Institution University of Oklahoma
  • Current Job EY, Senior Consultant (New York, NY)
  • First Job Post-Graduation EY, Data & Analytics Consultant (New York, NY)

Leveraging liberal arts with business

Having a quantitative background like engineering allowed me to be very analytical and aware of the many factors that play into any problem-solving diagnosis. Combining that with business created a great opportunity for me to explore a different array of business problems and fascinating business initiatives.

Preparation for a career in consulting

The real-life consulting projects I faced in the program built a foundation of skills that easily translated to my current job in consulting. The rigorous problems we encountered in some of the courses, along with the people skills that we gained while interviewing some of our clients, definitely gave me a better edge to kick off my career.

Key skills to possess in consulting

Have an open mind for change and always be willing to absorb information. In consulting, before you can recommend next steps, you have to absorb, gather, and analyze a lot of information. Be ready to adapt to the fast-changing lifestyle of consulting and always be wary of the smallest details because that is sometimes where your solutions are hidden.

Favorite class

I enjoyed the Global Commerce class. The nature of the course forced us to think outside the box and expanded our business dictionary in a collaborative environment. The course does not have a rigid curriculum, but is based on instantaneous events that impact the global economy, and we as business students need to explore, predict, and forecast the effects of those events domestically and internationally. Professor Peter Maillet’s rich experience gave me the opportunity to understand a more practical view to the business insights discussed in class. He also steered the conversations in class in a way that brought out the uniqueness of every student’s experiences and perspectives, which allowed us to leave class with very rich aggregate experiences.

Leveraging Commerce Career Services

CCS was my stepping stone that I utilized to get a head start. The job search is saturated and competitive enough, so it was necessary to use all tools at my disposal. CCS was always there with guidance, tips, and recommendations for the most polished and effective ways to tackle the recruitment period.

Most memorable Global Immersion Experience cultural experience

Visiting the Taj Mahal has got to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life. The beauty of this place is priceless, and I can’t find the words to express it. Walking around the arena and just thinking of how many years ago people of different generations had thought of building this place and how it stood so gracefully through many generations gave me a better sense of appreciation.

Advice for prospective international students

Be comfortable getting out of your comfort zone and don’t shy away from asking questions because this program was built on the foundation of curiosity and mentorship. Start exploring the new culture of this country, state, city, university, and program. Make sure you bring forward your identity and experiences to the table because it is always an added value to your peers and faculty, so allow them to see the world in your perspective.

Key takeaway from McIntire

With the right mindset, you can translate the experiences that shaped you into the business world. You can use who you are and the chain of events that occurred in your life to extract clues, tips, and solutions for many of the business problems that face the world. No one has lived the exact same life as you, so trust that your background is unique enough to stand out.

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