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Why I Selected the Financial Reporting & Assurance Track

Ashley Cloude (M.S. in Accounting ’24) explains how she plans to use the skills and knowledge she gained in the Financial Reporting & Assurance Track to benefit local small businesses in her community.

Why I Selected the Financial Reporting & Assurance Track

By Ashley Cloude (M.S. in Accounting ’24)

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance and accounting, pursuing a specialized education is becoming increasingly crucial for professionals seeking to thrive in their careers. The M.S. in Accounting Program at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce stands as a beacon of excellence, offering a comprehensive and highly esteemed Financial Reporting & Assurance and Tax Consulting tracks. With a commitment to fostering future leaders in the accounting field, the program equips students with the essential tools, knowledge, and skills needed to excel in this dynamic industry.

Many of my peers were drawn to the Financial Reporting & Assurance track due to its unparalleled emphasis on financial reporting, assurance services, and advanced auditing techniques. These crucial pillars of modern accounting are vital in ensuring financial transparency, maintaining ethical standards, and upholding the integrity of the financial market. McIntire’s specialized curriculum in this track delves deep into these core concepts, preparing students for the complexities and challenges of contemporary financial practices. My decision to select the Financial Reporting & Assurance track is unique and differs slightly from my peers.

Why I Chose the Financial Reporting & Assurance Track

I chose the Financial Reporting & Assurance track because I am passionate about assisting small business owners in enhancing their accounting processes. My objective is to implement a holistic approach that begins with implementing an efficient accounting system and streamlining current workflows. Moreover, I aim to offer tailored solutions to address any financial reporting obstacles that may arise later on. By choosing this track, the program aligns perfectly with my ultimate goal of supporting entrepreneurs with guided and resourceful services upon completing courses such as Accounting Policy, Data Management and Analytics for Accountants, and Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation, among others.

I recognized an opportunity to enhance the accounting functions within small businesses.

Through my experience in public and private accounting, I found there is a need for a strong accounting function within small businesses to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting and the utilization of workflows. With the majority of time spent fulfilling services or creating products, many entrepreneurs lack the opportunity to research and implement an information accounting system complementary to the company’s business plan and model. McIntire’s M.S. in Accounting Program positions students to address current challenges inexperienced entrepreneurs face by acquiring advanced expertise in preparing and analyzing financial statements. Additionally, the program is designed to equip students to navigate various aspects of the accounting realm, such as data management and analytics, taxes, and business strategy.

In conclusion, the Financial Reporting & Assurance track is an exemplary choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive and specialized education in accounting. With its broad curriculum, emphasis on technological integration, focus on ethical considerations, and extensive industry connections, the program prepares students to make a meaningful impact in finance and accounting. With this degree, I plan to re-enter the business world with new insights; I aim to use my newfound knowledge and expertise gained from this program to add value that will grow local small businesses’ accounting and finance departments in my community.

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