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What It’s Like Being a PwC Campus Ambassador

Max Cochran, M.S. in Accounting '24, shares his experience as a PwC Campus Ambassador.

Max Cochran, M.S. in Accounting '24, shares his experience as a PwC Campus Ambassador.

Max Cochran, M.S. in Accounting '24, shares his experience as a PwC Campus Ambassador.

By Max Cochran (M.S. in Accounting ’24)

My Early Engagement with PwC

During my third year of undergraduate studies, I explored opportunities in accounting and found that PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) stood out as my top choice among accounting firms. A significant moment in this journey was my valuable coffee chat with a Tax Manager at PwC. His graciousness and adept handling of my questions affirmed my desire to align myself with the organization, specifically within its esteemed tax department.

Upon submitting my internship application, I was grateful to secure an interview, swiftly followed by an offer within a day. The chance to join PwC, my foremost preference, sparked great enthusiasm within me. I eagerly look forward to contributing my skills and dedication to the organization’s success, thus furthering my professional journey within PwC’s esteemed ranks.

Max Cochran and PwC Interns in Dalles

PwC Advanced Summer Internship Experience

During the summer, I wrapped up my time in the PwC Advanced Summer Internship, an experience that profoundly shaped my understanding of public accounting. Throughout the internship, I encountered numerous standout moments and gained invaluable insights into various aspects of the tax industry, particularly within the Private Company Service Tax group. My responsibilities primarily revolved around partnership and private corporation tax, granting me exposure to diverse industries and clients within the private sector. The collaborative atmosphere also allowed me to form meaningful connections with exceptional professionals, significantly enriching my professional network. One of the highlights for me was being featured in Advanced Newsletter Edition #7 in the Intern Spotlight.

Receiving a return offer from the internship was a true honor, an invitation to rejoin my team that spoke volumes about the quality of work and dedication I put forth during my internship. As I wrapped up my internship, I was privileged to be offered the role of a campus ambassador. In this capacity, I actively contributed to the PwC community by supporting recruitment endeavors, representing the firm, and fostering engagement among fellow students. This role is crucial in fortifying the firm’s presence on campus, and I’m thrilled to be part of that effort.

PwC Interns

Serving as a PwC Campus Ambassador

An enriching aspect of my role as a campus ambassador revolved around sharing my experiences with the firm. One memorable instance involved explaining the dynamics of the tax industry to a sophomore keen on PwC and tax services. I consistently began these conversations by understanding their motivations for learning and areas of curiosity. This approach shed light on their personality and helps me guide them toward areas that resonate with their interests and skills.

Recounting my internship experiences and the array of enriching activities embedded in our firm’s culture brings me immense joy. One highlight I often share is the Tax Intern Conference in Dallas, where interns gathered to network and immerse themselves in PwC’s culture. I still keep in touch with some of the interns, especially a close friend I met at this conference while she interned in Seattle and I interned in Tampa. This event and its opportunities demonstrated that the internship isn’t solely about work and learning; it goes beyond providing ample opportunities to network and hone soft skills.

Beyond conversing with undergraduate students about the firm, I also engage with peers seeking positions in public accounting. As a liaison between students at the University of Virginia and Thomas Sumner (PwC Talent Acquisition Manager), I share the benefits and opportunities that PwC can provide to individuals and offer assistance to my classmates in every way possible. However, linking people with the PwC community and fostering student engagement is crucial.

Being a PwC Campus Ambassador is a blend of personal growth, networking, and the chance to create a meaningful impact within the McIntire community.

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