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Typical Day as an M.S. in Accounting Student

Kevina Johnson shares her experience as a student in the M.S. in Accounting Program at UVA McIntire.

Kevina Johnson, M.S. in Accounting '24

By Kevina Johnson (M.S. in Accounting ’24)

Pursuing a Master of Accounting is no small feat. UVA McIntire’s intensive and challenging program prepares students for prosperous careers in accounting and finance. Nevertheless, it’s not solely centered around academic pursuits. I enjoy leveraging this time to foster connections and build lasting relationships with my peers while refining my skill set for my future career.

A Glimpse into M.S. in Accounting Core Courses and Personal Growth

During the fall semester, my class schedule typically spans from nine in the morning to three in the evening, except on Mondays, when we have our Leadership class. Consequently, I wake up around 7 a.m. to prepare for the day. My residence is conveniently located along one of the University’s bus routes, making my commute to class a mere 10-minute journey. During the fall term, M.S. in Accounting students must take four core courses: Leadership, Data Management, Accounting Policy, and Communications. These foundational courses are designed to enhance our skill sets, ensuring that we are well-prepared for the commencement of our professional journeys. My favorite subjects are Leadership and Communications because they encourage us to step out of our comfort zones, ultimately helping us become more proficient professionals. Additionally, they equip us with the tools to navigate different scenarios that might arise during our careers, such as challenging conversations and impromptu public speaking, which are pivotal skills in our future careers.

Collaboration Fosters Connection

The M.S. in Accounting Program emphasizes collaborative learning, which means that some days, I have meetings with my assigned group for the semester. Group assignments constitute a significant portion of our workload in the program, so I spend a substantial amount of time working closely with my group members. This collaborative effort has allowed us to build strong bonds that significantly contribute to our success in completing assignments. I eagerly anticipate working on group projects with my classmates, as it allows us to come together, share diverse perspectives, and find common ground.

I have a penchant for organizing and participating in bonding experiences, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie I’ve shared with my classmates. Our Thursday evenings are often spent unwinding at our favorite bars, dancing the night away. Almost every Saturday, we attend a tailgate hosted by one of our classmates before heading to the football game. We also embark on hikes, and recently, I organized a game night. It’s heartwarming for me to create experiences for my classmates, especially international classmates, to partake in holiday activities we will never forget.

In essence, a typical day in my life as an M.S. in Accounting student involves intensive study and tackling a demanding workload. However, I never forget to engage fully with the program in all its facets. Whether networking with my peers, refining my skill set or collaborating in a team-based setting, I strive to make the most of this educational journey.

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