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And They Were Roommates: How to Find the Perfect Living Situation

Hannah Capestany (M.S. in Accounting '22) spoke to her peers about finding the perfect living situation for graduate school.

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Many of you have gotten through the challenging part of awaiting a response to be admitted into UVA’s M.S. in Accounting Program. To that, I want to say congratulations! So, what are the next steps, and where do you all go from here? Aside from figuring out and navigating through your educational career and degree track, finding a suitable living situation is key in helping you best prepare for your transition to graduate school.

There are many different living situations and environments located around various parts of Charlottesville. How to determine which living situation suits you can be done through research. The UVA M.S. in Accounting Admissions team has offered many helpful resources for you all regarding where to live. I believe the most beneficial resource would be the M.S. in Accounting and the M.S. in Commerce housing Facebook group. The Facebook group is a great source to give some background on yourself and share your preferences on living. Even if others have different living preferences, this is also a great way to get to know some students in the program before the semester starts. Beginning to reach out to other students in the program will allow for a smooth transition come the fall if any questions arise. Reaching out to students is an excellent takeaway in forming friendships and finding roommates early on. Aside from the Facebook group and resources provided by the admissions team, listening in on the advice from current students can also impact living preferences and situations. Let’s look at some roommate advice from current M.S. in Accounting students and myself on housing.

Coming from a different undergraduate institution and having no prior knowledge of Charlottesville’s housing environment, I was overwhelmed when deciding on where to live. My biggest asset was the group Facebook page and discussing potential living situations with multiple students in the program. I was able to find my roommates in the program and continue to see how valuable living with them is, whether from sharing notes from class or just having friends to spend time with on the weekends. A goal now would be to research places to live and reach out to other admitted students to find the best fit for you. You are most likely in the same mindset as other students in having little to no idea what to do for housing, so it is not as overwhelming as you may believe. Finding common interests and making an effort to get to know your future classmates will be of great use in group work for classes. An easier transition with finding roommates and a place to live will take the potential stress school may have out of the equation.

Mackenzie Hudson (M.S. in Accounting ’22)

We now look at the intuitive perspective and approach Mackenzie took in finding her roommates. Mackenzie began her roommate and housing search also through the Facebook group and enjoyed the process of meeting new students. Mackenzie was familiar with touring places to live in Charlottesville since she would visit when she was younger. This made her feel comfortable finding a great housing situation. The only thing missing from her location was finding the perfect roommates. Mackenzie lived with other students in the program and enjoyed having similar classes and schedules. She thoroughly enjoyed studying together and motivating one another to do work when at their apartment. Mackenzie’s advice to incoming students would be not to be afraid to message other students because they are most likely in similar situations and can share common experiences navigating through this graduate school process. When messaging other students, find things in common and discuss what you like to do, whether that be going on hikes, attending sports events, or other activities. Mackenzie highlights the cohesiveness of others’ schedules and interests to make for a suitable living environment.

Sharon Harris (M.S. in Accounting ’22)

Sharon did not hold back when stepping outside of her comfort zone to find the best living situation. Upon receiving her acceptance to the M.S. in Accounting Program, Sharon had joined the housing Facebook group and immediately began looking for potential roommates. Her fear of coming from a different state propelled her to reach out to other students for living. Her out-of-state mindset was put to rest when she found her roommates who lived in the same state as her. The similarities she was looking for made for a less stressful move and a more sympathetic and relatable approach when beginning the program with her roommates. Sharon’s advice to incoming students is to be proactive and take the initiative when deciding where to live and who to live with. She wants to encourage incoming students not to be afraid of rejection if trying to live with other students does not work out. Sharon’s philosophy of trying new things and stepping outside of her comfort zone worked out in her favor by choosing a living location that meets her needs and with roommates from the program, she enjoys.

Patrick English (M.S. in Accounting ’22)

Making connections with other students in the M.S. in Accounting and the M.S. in Commerce programs was something Patrick excelled at. To give you an idea of how valuable the Facebook group is, all students sharing their experiences have used the group. Patrick had a broader approach to finding his roommates. He initiated conversations with both students in the M.S. in Accounting and the M.S. in Commerce programs and was equally split in deciding who he would live with. Patrick found two of his roommates from his undergraduate institution and welcomed living with an international student. Even though some of his roommates came from his undergraduate institution, they all brought different perspectives to UVA. They were able to use those differences in creating a relaxed living environment. Patrick leaves some advice for future students to find an excellent housing environment. He emphasized living as close to Grounds as possible to get to classes on time and having more accessibility for group meetings or to use the facilities for studying. Patrick stresses the importance of making connections with both the M.S. in Accounting and M.S. in Commerce programs to form more relationships and have an easier transition with students attending UVA for the first time.

Deciding on a living situation before beginning the M.S. in Accounting Program will ease your mind before having to add the educational aspect onto your to-do list. Utilize the resources being offered, and do not be afraid to reach out to current and future M.S. in Accounting students.

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