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B.S. in Commerce Application: Myths & Facts

Learn the facts about admission to McIntire.

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The B.S. in Commerce application is now open. All applications for admission for fall 2021 are due Tuesday, Jan. 26, at noon. Apply now!

Applicants can learn more by coming to walk-in advising, reading the Keeping Up with Commerce Blog and newsletter, and visiting our website.

The McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission is here to help!


Myths and Facts about Admission to McIntire

  • MYTH “If your GPA is less than a 3.7, don’t bother applying.”

FACT While the average GPA in 2020 was a 3.71, the range of admitted GPAs was 2.5 – 4.0.

  • MYTH “You have to be involved in a Commerce-related student organization.”

FACT While 50% of admitted students in 2020 were involved in Commerce-related student organizations, 50% of admitted students were not. Extracurricular involvement reflects your interests and passions, which extend beyond Commerce.

  • MYTH “No one gets into the Comm School.”

FACT In 2020, about 63% of applicants were offered admission to McIntire.

  • MYTH Your Accounting grade is the most important part of your application.”

FACT Your Accounting grade will neither make nor break your application. The Admission Committee reviews all aspects of your application, including diversity of experiences, background, and skills, intellectual curiosity, academic preparedness, engagement outside the classroom, and emotional intelligence in its holistic assessment of applicants.

Recognizing each student’s unique academic and career aspirations, backgrounds, and talents, the McIntire Office of Undergraduate Admission encourages and empowers students as they strive toward their goals.

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