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Are There Weed-Out Classes?

T.J. addresses this common myth surrounding the B.S. in Commerce application.

Many students may wonder what class is viewed as most important on their McIntire application. Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Management Accounting, and Foundations of Commerce (COMM 1800) are often thrown around as answers to this question, since they are the only prerequisite courses coded as Commerce classes. But maybe one of the other prerequisites, such as Statistics or Calculus, is valued more?

The fact of the matter is that there is no weed-out class for your Commerce application.

The admission committee reviews each application holistically. In other words, they review all aspects of an application. One factor is not weighed above everything else, meaning that one class will not ensure or deny your acceptance to McIntire. Instead, the admission committee reviews a variety of factors with regard to academics, including the rigor of each semester’s course load, prerequisites and overall GPA, and a student’s trend in GPA from their first to third semesters. Of course, academics are only one part of the application, and the committee also considers a student’s co-curriculars and essays in their holistic review.

The prerequisite courses are designed to give students a foundation of skills that will be critical for their success in the Commerce curriculum. Each class is important in its own way, but no one class stands above the others. One grade–good or bad–in one class will not define your application, so view each class as a chance to learn and prepare while putting your best foot forward. Even if you do not achieve the grade you were hoping for, there are many ways to show that you are a competitive applicant. Don’t fret about one particular grade or course, THERE IS NO WEED-OUT CLASS!

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